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My interactive game project for I.C.E.

Ian Eichwald

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of 4_EichwaldIan_Competition

Ice Project My Name is Ian Eichwald and I have designed an elaborate interactive Scratch game. Scratch is a program made to teach you how to program and designed your own creative games. My project is a shooting game that allows you to make your own charater,
shoot through levels, and make several choises on what type of story you want to play. From saving a princess, being an evil villian,to fighting aliens.
The game provide tons of way to shoot through the game. You play by shooting the diffrent enemys in this game or perfoming diffrent tasks to progress to one of the 6 final bosses.
-space bar is shooting

Make sure not to get hit though, even though you will have unlimited life there will be somthing to show how much life you would have and how many deaths you would of got.
- Move using the mouse or pad Over 100 sprites 11 levels BY Ian Eichwald
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