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Mutual Fund Prezi

No description

Michael Paz

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Mutual Fund Prezi

By: Peter and Michael Mutual Funds: Balanced OUR GOAL: Summary Find the best Balanced Mutual Fund Top Ten Holdings Fund Essentials -Inception: May 7th, 1990
-Total Asset in ($)Mill: 2258.55
-MER: 2.05 as of 12/31/2012
-Sales Commission: NO LOAD
-NAVPS($): 20.65
-Min. Initial Inv: $500
-Min. Additional Inv: $50 - MER: 2.29% RBC Balanced Fund Investment MER: 2.29% Performance: Growth from $10 000 Final: $16,951 Minimum Investment: Initial $500, $25 additional investment Royal Bank Of Canada % Assets 2.2% Bank of Nova Scotia 1.9% Toronto-Dominion Bank 1.8% Ontario Prov Cda 4.3% 1.5% Ontario Prov Cda 9.5% 1.4% Suncor Energy Inc 1.3% Ontario Prov Cda 4.65% 1.2% Canada Govt 2.25% 1.2% Canadian National Railway Co 1.2% Canada Hsg Tr No 1 3.35% 1.1% NAVPS: 12.89 Expenses/Costs:
$500 Investment
$25 Subsequent Investment THE BEST MUTUAL FUND OUT THERE!!! -Lowest MER of only 2.05%
-No Extra Managment Fee

-Highest NAVPS of $20.65
-Most Consistent Returns out of all the Mutual Funds
-Well-Allocated Holdings - $500 Minimum Investment - NAVPS: $12.89 - Very good average performance record
Scotia Canadian Balanced Fund (BNS378): Investment Objectives:
To provide a balance between earning income and obtaining capital growth over the long term. It invests primarily in a broad range of Canadian equity and fixed income securities. Investors Canadian Balanced Fund -Inception: Monday October 26,1998
-Total Asset Value: $1337.13 millions
-MER: 2.92%
-Management Fee: 2.00%
-Sales Commission: No load, Back-end
-Min initial Inv: $50
-Min add. Inv: $50
Manulife Canadian Balanced Fund Series T -Inception: August 19th, 2010
-MER: 2.45%
-Management Fee: 2.00%
-Sales Commission: No Load
-Total Asset Value: $359.7 million
-Min initial Inv: $500
-Min add. Inv: $25 PAC
-NAVPS: $12.27 Top 10 Holdings: Fund Performance: Fund Performance: Fund Holdings: Scotia Canadian Balanced Fund But Why.....
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