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Mamie Phipps Clark

No description

Jakyra Jacquess

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Mamie Phipps Clark

Foundation Phase 1 Core Career Information: Child Psychology Personal Background Career Highligts Mamie Phipps Clark
By Jakyra Jacquess History of Career She was Born in Hot Springs on April 18, 1917.Graduated from Langston HS
Her first major was physics but her future husband help her change. She later went to Howard: Psychology (Graduate Magna Cum Laude).Earned a Ph.D from Coloumbia.Spent about 33 years (1946-1979).Married with 2 children her husband Kenneth Clark. She got started During the "Modern Civil Rights Movements Era."
Her theories help with the " Brown v. The Board of Education." Was a
Psychologist for homeless black girls.Her Mentor: Francis Cecil
Sumner(First black person to recieve his Ph.D).Her fame help shaped the segregation and racism of black children. During her career she created the African-AMerican and White Doll experiment this was the peak of her career.Awards- Nicholas Murray Butler Sliver Medal for their work in psychology. To be Successful in this career you have to know what your doing. The education process
to obtain a doctoral degree,train in child development and child psychology programs.
And aleast a year of intership. Spend about 4
to 12 years in school. The average pay $72,310 to $150,000. The typical day is meeting with children with problems or issues. Talk to them for an extended length. http://www2.webster.edu/~woolflm/mamiephippsclark.htm Works Citied http://psychology.about.com/od/womeninpsychology/p/mamie-phipps-clark.htm PICTURES
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