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Belgian Congress of Rheumatology 2014

No description

Rik Lories

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Belgian Congress of Rheumatology 2014

Belgian Congress of Rheumatology 2014
Two key lectures:
Vesalius lecture & FWRO/FRSR lecture
Vesalius lecture:
1. R. Maini: The history of anti-TNF and beyond.
2. L. Klareskog: Genes and environment: redefining RA

FWRO/FRSR lecture:
1. W. Van Hul: Skeletal syndromes
2. C. Blanpain: Stem cells and cancer

How to treat
T. Bardin : Gout
7 traditional lectures
1. Uveitis for the rheumatologist (Vancalster or alternative & Vandenbosch)
2. Diagnosis and management of osteonecrosis (Gangji)
3. Biosimilars (Westhovens)
4. Microarrays in clinical practice: personalized medicine? (Lauwerys)
5. Practical aspects of work and leisure in SpA patients (Carron)
6. Biologics in lupus: hope or despair (Houssiau)
7. Cartilage repair: another decade (Luyten
Hands on workshops (registration)
1. Foot problems: R. Westhovens - S. Demits
2. Capillaroscopy: V. Smith
3. Work disability evaluation: X. Janssens
4. BILAG & SLEDAI: F. Houssiau team
2 x Quiz

Ethics & Economy


2 Poster tours
Novel outline - New highlights
Endorsed by a Scientific Committee

Avoid thematic sessions

New interactive sessions and workshops

2 key lectures

Focus on Belgian expertise

Focus on abstracts and posters
Belgian Rheumatology: Year in Review
Translational: M. Hirsch (+ R. Lories)

Clinical: J. Lenaers
(+ C. Ribbens)
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