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No description

Alishba Bilal

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Bizectrix

Element Super Hero:
Bismuth (BIZ-Meth)

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Atomic Number: 83
Atomic Mass: 208.98
Phase: Solid
Ion Charge: +3, +5

Bismuth (Bi)
Density: 9.78g/cubic cm
Melting Point: 271.3*C
Boiling Point: 1560*C

Taking Care of evil is my Bismuth
"Busy" or not, here I come!
In the 15th century, a new element was discovered, by an unknown alchemist: Bismuth, the only problem was that it was confused as tin, lead, antimony, and silver. It wasn’t until 1753 when Geoffrey the Younger, French scholar and nobleman identified Bismuth as its own element. A new superhero was about to be born! On a search to create a super human, Geoffrey had gathered all 6 elements needed to create a human body, but he added his new found element bismuth in for extra strength. The result was more or less human, but definitely not Geoffrey had been expecting.

The creation had a human body, but its skin was hard, steel-like, and gray, but it had a beautiful pink and yellowish tinge to its skin.
The Beginning
The name Bismuth derives from German weisse masse meaning white mass, advancing on to wismuth to bisemutum, and then bismuth
Bismuth occurs free in nature, seldom found in its elemental state (pure metal). Found with ores of other metals such as lead, silver, gold and cobalt
Largest Bismuth producers - Mexico, Peru, China, Belgium, Japan, and Bolivia
Lipowitz: The Sidekick
Used in producing malleable irons
Used as a catalyst for making acrylic fibres
The metal is used as a thermocouple material (has highest negativy known)
Carrier for uranium fuel in nuclear reactors
Fire detection, extinguishing systems
Fuel tank safety plugs
Special solders
substitute for lead - colouring paints, ceramics, plumping applications, and glazes
The metal was first used in early alloys. It was used to produce type metal for the first printing presses (1450's)
Uses of Bismuth
It was a beautiful, peaceful morning in the town of Orasion (O-ray-shee-on), as Bizectrix wandered around the town with his best friend and trusty sidekick Lipowitz. Lipowitz was a super human just like Bizectrix, created by Barnabas Wood in 1860. They found themselves fighting alongside in a battle of Vergo, they realized it and worked together to beat Vergo and since then they've been best friends and partners. Lipowitz was 26.7% lead, 13.3% tin, and 10% cadmium.They found out that, if they merged together, 50% Bizectrix, they would create an alloy, Wood's Alloy. A powerful force that could not be stopped!
Bizectrix suddenly stopped walking in his tracks. "Hey, do you smell that? I think there might a fire up ahead!" Bizectrix explained. "I don't see anything or smell anything" Lapowitz laughed and joked that Bizectrix was really a fire detenctor. "Fighting evil is my bismuth!" And then they heard the cries of Orasion's citizens.
Bizectrix wasn't much of a fighter, he knew that. Bizectrix was more like a healer, he helped people rather than fighting crime itself, but in doing so, he relied a lot on Lipowitz. Bizectrix had healing magic! He had the ability to create medicine and cures for people. He would produce veterinary applications and medicines for people with burns, stomache ulcers, intestinal disorders, and other health diseases. Not only that, but Bizectrix also had belle magic. He had the ability to create magnificant art, and decorate anything, beautifully. He, himself, was considered Orasion's most prized art piece, due to his lustrous beauty. Bizectrix contributed to Orasion by amplifying the town's beauty.
"Oh no! The evil fire-breathing dragon: Salamander is attacking the city of Orasion again! Someone help us, there's a fire on that building, there's people in there! We call upon thee, Bizectrix (also known by the Orasions as: NitroBiz or Pnictobiz due to the fact that Bizectrix was part of the pnictogen, nitrogen family) to save us all." They screamed for help.
Salamander was very powerful, Bizetrix knew it. Bizetrix was very good at detecting fire, and extuingishing it, but his weakness was his melting point. It was only 271.3*C. He knew he couldn't stand the heat without Lipowitz's help. But if Bizetrix melted, and then solidified somehow with the help of Lipowitz, he would expand, thus becoming even stronger!
Bizectrix's Healing Powers
Bizectrix's Belle Power
Bizectrix is very reactive, upon heating, bismuth reacts with oxygen in air to form the trioxide bismuth(III) oxide, Bi2O3. The flame is bluish white.

Bizectrix is slightly radioactive, but non-toxic

Bizectrix is the heaviest of the Nitrogen Family, therefor he cannot fly
Bizectrix to the Rescue
There just isn't eneough time for that strategy. There are people already in the burning building! Think, Bizectrix, think! Bizextrix spoke to himself. I've got it! "Lipowitz, let's perform the merge. We will create the Wood's Alloy, so that we can get in the building without my body melting, we won't have enough time to save the victims otherwise. We can use my fire extinguisher power to put it out and, then seperate to defeat the monster!"
We were undefeatable together, we formed the perfect team! After saving all the people from the building and putting the fire out, none of the victims were injured. Lipowitz and I defeated Salamander once again! The day was saved,
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