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What in the world is the Buffett Center?

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Karina Walker

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of What in the world is the Buffett Center?

What in the world is
Buffett Center?

Which Buffett?
Roberta"Bertie" Buffett
What programs are housed
at the Buffett Center?

Buffett Center for
& Comparative Studies
Program of African Studies
Buffett Center for
International &
Comparative Studies

Equality Development & Globalization Studies (EDGS)
Engagement Programming
Global Engagement
Institute (GESI)
Student Groups

On-Campus Programming
Institute for the
Study of Islamic
Thought in Africa
Keyman Family
Program in
Modern Turkish
Center for Forced
Migration Studies
Program of
African Studies
Group (FIG)
Global Mental
Health Studies
Think undergrads who want to make a difference
Undergraduate "arm"
What are some examples of GESI projects?
Sustainable development
Collaborative change
International immersion
Faculty/Graduate Student "arm"
Middle East
Forum (NUMEF)
Center for Technology and Innovation Management (CTIM)
Roberta Buffett
Visiting Professor
"Seeds for Education"
Jinja, Uganda
Dominican Republic/Haiti
"A New Vision for Change"
"Charting the Course
to Health"
Udaipur, India
Global Development Speaker Series
CGE Fellows
Books & Breakfast
Making global local
Books & Breakfast partnership with
Dewey Elementary School
Life-long Engagement
Career Support
Davis Projects for Peace
"Bottle Bricks for Peace"
Global Engagement Summit
GlobeMed at NU
Northwestern University Conference on Human Rights
GlobeMed at Northwestern
Building & supporting clinic in Ghana
"do development"

Continued Engagement:
Peter Luckow (WCAS, 2010)

at NU:
GlobeMed co-founder

after college:
"Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs"
Echoing Green Fellow (2011-present)
Cofounder & CEO, Tiyatien Health (present)

Allison Bream (WCAS, 2010):

at NU:
GESI Uganda, Global Engagement Summit

after college:
Princeton in Africa Fellow (2010-11);
One Acre Fund staff (present)
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