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The Reaper's Image by Stephen King

No description

Melody Richmond

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Reaper's Image by Stephen King

The Reaper's Image by Stephen King
About Stephen King.
Born in Portland, Maine in 1947.
Raised by his mother.
Attended a grammar school in Durham.
Graduated from the University of Maine at Orono in 1970.
Married Tabitha Spruce in January of 1971.
Dark Romanticiam
They climbed the third and fourth flights in silence. As they drew closer to the roof of the
rambling structure, it became oppressively hot in the dark upper galleries. With the heat came a
creeping stench that Spangler knew well, for he had spent all his adult life working in it -- a
smell of long-dead flies in shadowy corners, of wet rot and creeping wood lice behind the
plaster. The smell of age. It was a smell common only to museums and mausoleums. He
imagined much the same smell might arise from the grave of a virginal young girl, forty years
Literary elements, devices,and tecgniques.
Setting- Dark
Theme- Horror
Mood- Eerie and suspenseful.
Symbolism- Mirror=Death
Summary of the plot.
Johnson Spangler is an inspector that has came over to inspect a mirror of Mr. Carlins. Mr. Calin believes that the mirror is cursed because of an accident that happened to a boy who looked into the mirror shortly before he disappeared. They moved the mirror into the attic and Spangler went up there to see it but when he did so he saw a figure in the corner and it appeared to be the reaper. He became thirsty and he left Mr. Carlin upstairs and never came back.
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