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The Neolithic/Agricultural Revolution

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Chad Norsworthy

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of The Neolithic/Agricultural Revolution

The Neolithic/Agricultural Revolution
End of last Ice Age, 10,000-4,000 B.C.E
No More Hunting!
The humans began domesticating animals such as sheep, goats, caddle, and pigs.
This added a good source of meat, milk, and fibers such as wool for clothing.
Ruler of the Land
The change was so different and dramatic for the people, but gave them greater control of the land.
But this spread across the world very fast.
First to the Middle East, then Balkan, south of France, central Europe, and coastal regions of the Mediterranean.
Buy and Sell
There soon became towns and villages since people didn't have to travel so much for food.
This gave them free time to have "hobby's". Some began to specialize in certain crafts.
The humans began trading various things like shells, flint, stones, pots and woven baskets.
A Revolution in Agriculture
The people used to be hunt for animals and gather plants for food.
The Revolution started when they learned how to plant their own grains and plants to have a good supply of food ready.

Chad Norsworthy
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