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An Inspector Calls - exploring our initial impressions of th

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Fergie Ferg

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of An Inspector Calls - exploring our initial impressions of th

The Class System
Stick the diagram detailing information about the class system into your book.

Mr Arthur Birling
: The head of the Birling family. He is a heavy-looking, portentous (pompous) man, in his mid-fifties, who has gained wealth as a business owner.

Mrs Sybil Birling
: Arthur’s wife and social superior, Sybil is a rather cold woman of around the age of 50.

Meet the characters
Sheila Birling:
Arthur and Sybil’s daughter, Sheila is a pretty girl in her early twenties. She is very pleased with life at the beginning of the play and excited about her future.

Eric Birling:
Arthur and Sybil’s son, also in his early twenties, he is not quite at ease, being half shy (lacks confidence) and half assertive (tries to stick up for his beliefs).

Gerald Croft
: Gerald is an attractive chap, about thirty years old. He is a well-bred (rich family), well-mannered ambitious young man.

Respond to this question above. You should explain what the audience’s initial impression of the Birling family is and one or two of the characters.

What is your initial response to the characters in the play?

Planners and equipment should be on your desk
Quiet reading
1.I would of gone to the doctors but I was tired.

2. Their isnt anything I can do.

3. They hasn't been any snow today.

Literacy Starter
You need to select at least two quotes and write in FULL SENTENCES (ZAK!) what impression they give you of the family.
Complete your work on inference
An Inspector Calls - exploring our initial impressions of the characters
What does the word "posh" make you think of?
Complete the slip on your desk
Person A - teach Person B the meanings of capitalism and socialism
Person B - repeat back what they say.
Challenge - if you complete this, write a paragraph explaining your initial impressions of the family using the quotes you have selected.
Sentence starter - My first impressions of the Birling family at the start of the play....
Do we still have a class system?
Write a paragraph to respond to this question above. In your paragraph you should explain what is the audience’s initial impression of the Birling family as a whole and the characters individually.
Embed “quotes” from the text to support your opinions.

Fix these sentences
We're going to listen to the first 5 pages
Act one - character first impressions

My initial impression of Arthur Birling is:

He is a proud, family man.
He is a wealthy business owner who is obsessed by money.
He is a self-important and boastful snob.
I have a different opinion.

1.I would have gone to the doctors but I was tired.

2. There isn't anything I can do.

3. There hasn't been any snow today.
Can you find a quote to go with what you think?
Now complete first impressions (with quotes) for the other characters
Can you remember the five characters we have met?
Mrs Birling
Sheila Birling
Eric Birling
Gerald Croft
Use the worksheets for guidance
Write a paragraph about your first impression of the Birling family. You should mention specific characters and embed quotes into your work.
Due in Tuesday -
Sentence starter: My first impression of the Birling family from Act One of An Inspector Calls is that they are.......
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