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The History of Medicine

No description

Joram Hutchins

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of The History of Medicine

The History of Medicine

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Cure for Cataracts:
Mix brain-of-tortoise with honey. Place on the eye and say:

There is a shouting in the southern sky in darkness, There is an uproar in the northern sky, The Hall of Pillars falls into the waters. The crew of the sun god bent their oars so that the heads at his side fall into the water, Who leads hither what he finds? I lead forth what I find. I lead forth your heads. I lift up your necks. I fasten what has been cut from you in its place. I lead you forth to drive away the god of Fevers and all possible deadly arts.
Cure for Diarrhea:
1/8th cup figs and grapes, bread dough, pit corn, fresh Earth, onion, and elderberry.
Cure for Lesions of the Skin:
After the scab has fallen off put on it: Scribe's excrement. Mix in fresh milk and apply as a poultice.
Wilhelm Rontgen 1895
Invented the X-ray Machine
Alexander Fleming 1928
Discovered Penicillin (antibiotic)
Christian Barnard 1967
First Heart Transplant
1981 MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner introduced
1930 Artificial pacemaker invented
1990 Human Genome Project
1879First vaccine for cholera
1881First vaccine for anthrax
1882First vaccine for rabies
1896First vaccine for typhoid fever.
1897First vaccine for plague.
1923First vaccine for diphtheria.
1926First vaccine for pertussis.
1927First vaccine for tuberculosis.
1927First vaccine for tetanus.
1935First vaccine for yellow fever.
1937First vaccine for typhus.
1945First vaccine for influenza.
1962First oral polio vaccine.
1964First vaccine for measles.
1967First vaccine for mumps.
1970First vaccine for rubella.
1974First vaccine for chicken pox.
1977First vaccine for pneumonia.
1978First vaccine for meningitis.
1981First vaccine for hepatitis B.
1992First vaccine for hepatitis A.
1998First vaccine for lyme disease.
Medical Beliefs
Medical Knowledge
Egyptian Medicine
Roman & Greek Medicine
Prehistoric Medicine
Social Development
Harmful Medical Practices
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