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Ibi Odukoya

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of THE VIEW

THE VIEW The View is a 30 minutes journalism and lifestyle program.
It is called the view because the programm is about showing the audience current and developing news stories and lifestyle. Content Politics:
It's the first time a fringe party has recieved more votes in the running election.
Are we stupid or impressed? I-pad:
I-phone and I-pad any difference or waste of money, your about to find out. Olympics 2012:
If you want tickets then think again because your not getting one. I wonder why? Gospel music:
Hip Hop, Rap, RnB. oh YES gospel music is bigger, better and expanding so spread the word. Bionic arm:
Have you lost your arm, i promise you i can buy you a new one. Back up Fashion:
Too fat or too thin, i want one but i don't know if it will fit or lose the cake. Science Gospel Performers:
The sound of music is over rock and Rnb is in the house. The process We had an audition for 8 presenters male and female. All the presenters were given several different text to read from an auto que from different distance within the studio. At the end of each interview we then selected four presenters two male and female for a second interview. The interview allow us to determine which two presenter has the skill to communicate with each other. After we have chosen our two presenter onemale and female we introduce them to the production team and director and explained what our studio programme is about. The target audience for our programme is male and female age 18 to 34. The programme will be aired on channel 4 because channel 4 currently does not have any current evening tv show but has a much older and younger diverse audience. The programme will be on at 6.30pm because it carrys on to the channel 4 news and it will allow us to aim at a much wider audience. THE VIEW THE CHANNEL THE AUDIENCE SET LOGO
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