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Strategic Direction 2010-2014

Our Strategic Plan

john kelly

on 24 June 2010

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Transcript of Strategic Direction 2010-2014

Examine and revise professional development services.
Executive Sponsor—Dr. Bob Smart 1. Determine need and focus areas for leadership
2. Examine capacity of ESD123 to lead initiative
3. Develop themes and instructional strategies
4. Identify possible dates and secure facility
5. Develop budget proposal for initiative 1. Outreach plan developed
2. Design marketing campaign and launch to target populations
3. Identify associated endeavors and partner
4. Match experts and support for instructional goals of each meeting
5. Develop follow-up and progress monitoring
6. Design and implement on-line component for networking professional learning communities (PLC) of practicing administrators Redefine the ESD’s role in district operations and programs related to our clients.
Executive Sponsors—Cathey Bolson & Amber Donlon Partner with school systems and agencies to provide Early Learning Programming that promotes school readiness and results in a reduction of the learning gaps. Establish expertise and delivery capacity to deliver technological instruction often referred to as distance learning. Investigate and implement curricular services that assist clients in the selection and use of instructional materials. Establish and distribute planning services AND provide evaluation and appraisal services to our clients for the purposes of local program improvement. Mission Alignment & Deployment
Mission Officers—Kuniko Votaw & Molly Green Assure commitment to the ESD mission by each employee from the time of his/her interview, to years after hire 1. Develop and coordinate the rollout and use of mission materials to promote the mission in multiple formats – visually, verbally, and culturally. Serve as liaison between the ESD mission and each employee or program. Communicate the ESD mission visually, verbally, and culturally 1. Introduce and assist ESD leaders on reflection guidelines. 1. Take part in the Orientation process to ensure that each new hire is properly introduced to the mission and culture of the ESD. Refine Core Services, resulting in new opportunities, roles and responsibilities.
Executive Sponsor—Bruce Hawkins Advance core service delivery. 1. What are the core services currently provided and what are the defined scope of such services?
2. Who performs these identified core services?
3. Who are the clients served by these core services?
4. What level of satisfaction do our clients report related to core services?
5. Who are our potential clients?
6. What core services have we yet to provide that current and potential clients will value?
7. How will we measure the efficiency and effectiveness of our core services?
8. How will we adapt core services quickly to changing conditions?
9. How will we provide increased capacity to our agency and to our current and potential clients through our core services? Assist districts and schools in pursuing federal and state grant re- sources that are aligned with identified needs.
Mission officer - Mark Muxen 1. Present RGI Proposal for Program Resource Development to ESD Board
2. Begin contract work with RGI Continue improvement of current programs and services.
Executive Sponsor—Michelle Dearlove 1. Review department completed two year plan matrix to identify areas for collaboration.
2. Select “5” key areas to focus on for the agency that are most closely aligned with mission and strategic plan.
4. Work with department to identify what is keeping them from achieving goals.
5. Identify evaluator to review ESD services. Develop human resource potential to meet current and future needs.
Executive Sponsors—Steve Witeck & Toni Neidhold Ensure a fulfilling transition to work at the ESD for ne employees and employees who change their assignment. 1. Develop and implement a new orientation process including new forms, checklists and procedures. Implement compensation and benefit packages that are fair, predictable, competitive and reward outstanding contributions. 1. Change Health Benefits plans from PEBB to Group Health option
2. Develop a salary schedule for all positions within the ESD. Provide incentives such as longveity, stipends for extra work/projects. Strategic Direction
2010-2011 Design, develop, and implement professional development for school principals Design and implement an Embedded Professional Development Model Create New Knowledge to Better Inform Our Clients
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