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P&S Round 1

Problem & Solution Scenario Student Volunteers

Ismael Pelayo

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of P&S Round 1

Problems and solutions Volunteer knowledge! Emotional Problem? PROBLEMS!!!!! Agreed on time schedule for Volunteering Physical Solution Should the volunteers mention the issues with race? Presentation Problem R
l EMOTIONAl SOLUTION!! With an A+ for their final grade. Physical Problem? ~ Where? ~When? ~How? Are the volunteers going to solve their
PHYSICAL PROBLEM!!!!!! Agreeing with Jessica, they presented the racial issue, but remained focused on the students education. Luis felt the presentation could exploit the students privacy. Amanda thought that the emotional experiences in class
were the most important part of the experience. S
s Degrading Ethnic Slurs!!! Different Ethnic Groups!! Jessica wanted to focus on the students education
but also show how their emotions effected class. Contact parents! Option #1 Two Options to deal with Student's Action. Discipline at Home Option #2 Discipline in School Volunteers revised core curriculum. Ethnic Studies Creating Positive environment for ALL!!!! The Volunteers Finished!
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