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Event Driven Programming (EDP)

Unit 1

Jordan Rowland

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Event Driven Programming (EDP)

Unit 1 Event Driven Programming
(EDP) Service orientated EDP is something that runs when needed e.g. scans a virus. This is done when a program is starting or when receiving a message like an e-mail, it automatically scans or shows a notification to let the user know that these services have occured. Service Oriented Time Driven Events are the functions an event handler does;
Mouse - click, scroll, double click
Keyboard - key press, key down, key up
Forms - button click, form open, form close
External events - smoke alarms, auto door Events Benefits of EDP Time driven EDP is where it is running a code every certain time difference e.g. every 5 minutes remove spam e-mail. Time driven and service orientated are an either/or EDP. Event handlers Event handlers are the functions done when the event is clicked e.g. a button click.
These are the conclusion of an event.
Events are:
Forms / user interface
External events

The click would run the attached code to make the button run.

Trigger functions use EDP to find out which event handler to use e.g. the click on a mouse. simplicity: most automatic data e.g. a usb data uploads. this is due to the coding sand drivers automatically being downloaded.

Debugging scans on emails when received.

RAD - Rapid Application development is used for software development to accelerate the software. EDP's language means buttons are used to make everything more simple e.g. a click on a button to make it load up either another page or a save. These are the bits behind the scene that make an event do something. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Simplicity of programming Ease of Development The two languages are Event driven and flow driven language. Flow driven means the event taken will have to be nearly complete before it will work e.g. a drivers loaded before it will load a programme. Whereas Event driven language would run with only a code e.g. the start up of a computer will make all the drivers download and all start up menus to have all the data inside load. When computers started up the whole programme would have to be complete before testing whereas nowadays only a small part is complete before testing. Operating systems in Event driven programming These are when an event is occured on a program so that it functions e.g. a button click wich loads up another page or a shortcut or Ctrl + ALT + Del shows another bage which is the trigger for the computer to show up a page for shutting down or logging off a user.
GIU's ( which is a WIMP system, which stands for windows, icons, mouse, printer) are the use of a mouse or touch pad to recognise that the user wants to move a curser on the screen. CLI's are where the user types commands so that the computer can register what the user wants to do on an on screen prompt. these will not work unless they are typed correctly.
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