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Vivian Ho

on 28 November 2015

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Transcript of Halloween

Halloween Research Project Vivian Ho Period 7
The Interesting Point of Bhangarh Fort
This house is called "Murder House". In this house, all the doors and windows are closed. And there is a wall, it protects the identity of murderer who killed the family of Josiah and two overnight guests. Until now,this house still attracts people to come.
A Ghost Story Written By My Own
Long time ago, there was a couple in school where I studied in HK, they were so sweet, most of the students knew this couple. However, the boy broke up with the girl 1 year later, the girl felt sad and at that night she committed suicide in school's washroom. One day, a girl went to this washroom, when she looked at the mirror, she saw the girl who committed suicide. After that, this washroom doesn't have any mirror.
History of Haunted Place- Bhangarh Fort, India
Bhangarh Fort is a place that has a legend. A guy named Singhia who was a black magic sorcerer. He was in love with the Princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati. One day, he saw the princess's maid buying hair oil, he used black magic on the oil so that upon touching it, the princess would surrender herself to him. However, the princess noticed that and poured the oil on the ground. The oil crushed Singhia. Before dying, Singhia cursed the palace with the death of all who dwelt in it.

The reason I chose topic 2 because
I think it's is easier and I can find the resources easily. I don't like Halloween because I was petrified by someone who wore a horrible costume. Also I am Christian. Before, I didn't know Halloween's history so I think this topic is very interesting because of it's eerie nature.
Reason I Chose the Topic
Here is Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Illinois and it's one of the most haunted graveyards in the world. According to the people who took this picture, there was no lady when he took this picture.
There is an interesting point in this place, all the houses in this area cannot be built with roofs because the houses which were built with roofs, they collapse. Also, here is the most haunted place in India. They said nobody returned from this place that stayed there after dark. Government forbidden this area from staying after sunset. People will find a board installed by Archaeological Survey of India displaying “Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area”.
Famous Haunted Houses in America-Villisca Ax Murder House, Iowa
The story in Villisca Ax Murder House, Iowa
Ghost Picture and Its Story-
The Lady of Bachelor’s Grove
On June 9, 1912, one of the Moore family invited 2 girls to spend a night in Moore residence. Next day, Moore neighbor noticed that Moore family didn't go to do their morning chores so she knocked on the Moores' door, no one responded to her. Then she found Josiah Moore's brother,Ross Moore. He used his copy of the house key to open the front door. They searched the house and saw Moore family and two girls were died. They found the murder weapon in the guest room and it was an ax belonging to Josiah Moore.
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