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The Raven

Period 5 Poe's Project

Vanessa Gamino

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The Raven

The Raven

Lorcher, Trent. "Summary of Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Rven' " http://www.brighthubeducation.com/english-homework-help/49958-the-raven-by-edgar-allan-poe-summary/ 2012
Stanza 17 and 18
He tells the bird to leave because he's getting upset.
The narrator's paranoia gets out of control and starts screaming at the raven.
Stanza 13 and 14
He believes that the bird is there as a sign from his wife .
The narrator looks into the raven's eyes and could only see his late Lenore.
Stanza 15 and 16
He can't decide whether the raven is God or the Devil.
The narrator keeps hoping that the raven is there for good even though the raven says nevermore every time he asks or implies it.
Stanza 11 and 12
He begins to talk more negative and insults the bird
The narrator asks questions to the raven but it only says nevermore, and the narrator begins to get paranoid.
Stanza 9 and 10
He believes that the raven keeps repeating "nevermore" because it is his name.
Stanza 7 and 8
He opens the window and the Raven flies in and lands in the bust.
The identity of the visitor is finally revealed.
Stanza 5 and 6
He whispers Lenore's name, although only gets an echo in response
The narrator is heartbroken for his lost love
Stanza 1 and 2
Stanza 3 and 4
Somebody keeps knocking on the door and he is getting frightened.
The curtains started moving and that frightened him even more, but he kept trying to convince himself that it was nothing but somebody knocking.
The narrator was asleep but was woken up by knocking on his door. (literal)
The narrator's unstable mental state is introduced.
The narrator sought to books to try to forget about his deceased wife, Lenore.
He's remembering his dead wife who died last December
Poe chose December instead of any other month because December is known to be the death month.
He opens the door and there is nothing but darkness there.
Poe created suspense by not revealing who was at the door at that moment.
He tries to convince himself that the noise is coming from the widow.
The narrator is in denial
At first he thinks of the raven as just a bird
He is talking to the bird and believes that the raven is going to leave him
The narrator believes the raven is pouring out his soul with each word, just like he is pouring his soul as he longs for the return of Lenore.
He decides to pull up a chair and sit in front of the bird and stare at it .
He thinks that the bird is there to help releave him from his pain.
The appearance of angels is a way for the narrator to feel his pain going away
He asks the raven if his wife is happy in heaven and the bird responds with "nevermore".
The narrator knows the response but is hopeful that the raven will respond differently.
The bird never decides to leave, it just sits there and stares at him.
By: Mayra Pacheco and Vanessa Gamino
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