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Marketing Proactiv

No description

Sam Wesolowski

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Proactiv

Laura Baughman
Andrew Coyne
Janine Hill
Donny Hughes
Nick Miller
Samantha Wesolowski United States Japan Australia Mission "Put acne in the past"
Availability to everyone (without prescription from doctors)
Affordability Goals Quality
Ingredients, process
Customer Satisfaction
Product information
Customer service Competitive Advantage &Points of Difference Medicine developed exclusively for product line
Prescription grade, non-prescription form
Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO)
Concentration of medicine
Manufacturing process
Only company that can produce a finely milled BPO
2.5% to 10% SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses

Designed for both males and females with no fragrance
Their first celebrity endorser was Judith Light (star of the sitcom “Who’s the Boss”)
Reach out and relate to young teens AND middle aged mothers Marketing Research Approach Define the problem: Before hand, no acne system seemed to act before break out

Solution: Preventive solution

Two Dermatologist produced such a product and there was a market for them Marketing Program
• NewBeauty
Beauty Choice
The Best Overall Acne Fighter (2011)
"3-Step System"

Readers' Choice
Beauty Awards
WINNER, TEEN VOGUE Readers' Choice Beauty Awards
Best Acne Product (2008) (2009)
"3-Step System"

• Seventeen
Best Acne System (2009)

• InStyle Magazine
Best Beauty Buys
Best Acne Regimen for Oily Skin (2009)
"3-Step System"
*InStyle is a registered trademark of Time Inc. Used by permission. Problem Recognition: Consumer finds a need for acne free skin.
Needs a greater self confidence
Wants compliments on how good their skin can look Perceiving a Need Consumer Purchase decision process Information Search: Internal search: When people go out to look for a acne medication they are more likely to remember what they see and hear Seeking Value External search: three sources that help Proactiv succeed are Personal, public and marketer dominated sources. Alternative evaluations : Assessing value Purchasing decision: Buying Value Postpurchase behavior: value in consumption or use One of the most well known and popular acne treatments available. With celebrity endorsements like P.Diddy, Alyssa Milano and Jessica Simpson, Proactiv has become the acne treatment of choice for many youth. A type of a personal source can be a family member or it can even come off of the real stories on the Proactiv website.
On comsumerreport.com people can compare the advantages and disadvantages. Acne-treatment comparison More Then just successful International Marketing Research Discover Consumer Needs
Concept for Products Marketing Program with
Combination of 4 P's

Place Reviews from Magazines rated as Best: HOW TO IMPROVE PROACTIV "If, for any reason, you're not delighted with Proactiv, simply return the bottles (even if empty) within 60 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling." "We promise you a great opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of smooth, clear, healthy-looking skin—without any risk. You have nothing to lose but your acne!" References http://www.businessinsider.com/britain-bans-proactive-ads-featuring-justin-bieber-and-katy-perry-2012-7#ixzz2CJmd62nH
http://www.forbes.com/fdc/welcome_mjx.shtml Opportunities Threats Organizational Foundation Core values: As a company proactive has always looked at making life simpler for its customers by trying to help them get rid of the unwanted spots and acne. When they realized older and older people reaching into their early 30 and late 20s started having an issue Proactiv as a company wanted to help Mission: To create a preventive system that helped cure acne breakouts. Organizational culture: Co- owner and one of two main dermatologists who started proactive Dr. Kathy Fields, shows how the company is always looking into the future by recognizing the issue from the top down. Demographics Competitive Advantage &Points of Difference
No need for doctors
Product direct to customers
up to 25% discounts to Proactiv365 participants
Made for everyone
3-step system made to treat process of acne formation
Customization available for particular issues
Add certain products to your order depending on your individual skin care needs Competitive Advantages & Points of Difference Product Line Quality Price Competitive Advantage & Points of Difference Customization moisturizer
body wash
shampoo Strengths Competitive advantages & points of difference
Brand recognition
Locations and availability
Accreditations/qualifications Katie Rodan
Stanford Professor of Dermatology
Own practice
Kathy Fields
Stanford trained
Best doctors in America Weaknesses 3-step system
vs. well-know Opportunities Price (income level, urbanization, market growth)
Product development Threats Competitors (over-the-counter)
Rodan + Fields (own competitors) Not satisfied? Simply return it! Satisfied? Success Rate 76% with 50% of them reordering Social media promotion
Coupons for participation
Possible feature in advertisement
Celebrity endorsers also shifted more from actors to more musicians
New age is more into music/easy access of internet compared to television
Internet plays a huge role in this shift (most purchases are from internet now) Judith Light Celebrity endorsers shifted from “just celebrities” to “celebrities that have had a real acne problem” Organizational Direction Business: With this new found problem it gives the company a new target market to help them spread their product to. To help with this they hired a new advertising agency named Eleven, based out of San Francisco.

Goals: The main goal is to reach the new target market by taking the old product and recreating it by marketing it in an entirely new way.

-Short term: To develop a plan to market to the newly founded target market.

-Long term: In the long term Proactive wants to like most companies earn a profit and gain a higher percentage of market shares by increasing sales due to their new plan. Organizational Strategies
•Developed a product to solve the problem
•Changed the advertising strategy
•Hired a new advertising agency (Eleven)
•Developed new products
•Developed new ways of distributing products More focus on college-age market segment
College campus tour with promotions, giveaways
Samples in student dorm rooms
Vending machines on campus Celebrity Endorsers Product placement in movies and TV shows Donate to skin cancer research/awareness
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