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Child Labour in Ireland

By: Brandon, Bethany, and Kimmy

Kimmy R.

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Child Labour in Ireland

Child Labor in Ireland Bethany,
and Brandon What is child labor? Why where children put to work? What jobs has Frank done? Developmental risk factors: What jobs did they have? What effects does child labor have? How is it now? The Definition of child labor is:
The employment of children who are under
the legal (or generally recognised) minimum
age. ~Children were put to work because
they would get paid less.
~They were hired because some
machines can only be worked by
~It was believed that if they work
young they become hard workers. When his father went to England to
work, Frank became the main source
of money. He did odd jobs like delivering
newspapers to delivering coal or telegrams. ~Child labor messes with mental, physical,
and emotional health.
~Child labor deprives a child of a childhood.
~Some jobs that are safe for adults, aren't
for children. ~Rapid skeletal growth
~Development of organs and tissues
~Greater risk of hearing loss
~ Higher chemical absorption rates
~Smaller size
~Lower heat tolerance ~Manufacturing- Dangerous factory work
~Agriculture -Farming
~Home labor- Young children as young as 3 or 4 taking care of the house by themselves.
~Street working – Selling items or sometime prostitution.
The International Labor Organization
estimates that around 200 million
children are still working in conditions
that are to their mental, physical and
emotional development. Introduction: Have you ever wondered about
how child labor affects children
or how Frank was involved?
This Prezi tells you.
Random Fact:
215 million children worldwide are involved in child labor today. Conclusion ~Child labor is a horrible thing but still occurs today.
~It can have bad effects on the children.
~It is trying to be stopped.
~Frank took part in child labor to keep his family going.
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