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Create a Society

No description

elorah lala

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Create a Society

Create a Society
-K. Rideout, J. Louissaint, T. Walker, M. Muwanga

Conservative Liberalism- focused on liberty and equality, but also interested in traditional stances on social and ethical issues

Democratic Commonwealth- supreme power held by the people
are entitled to vote
political system for a smaller population

Social Justice System
with elected officials
a Distributive/Procedural Justice system-judgements of crimes are subjective to change
Prison systems- towards restorative justice
Learning is not just a tool, but a lifestyle
open curriculum with structure based on societal/ religious values
objective! critical thinking! applied learning!
at younger ages: instilling values, building foundation to create well rounded human being and citizen (not just about creating a worker)
at older ages (8th-12th grades): similar to higher education...begin building skills/specialization
built on/integrated with religious practice.

Nuclear Family encouraged
divergences allowed
Extended family encourages community
Polygamy discouraged for genetic diversity
Management on family values are regulated the by education system~
There is a more involving a cap on how many children a couple is allowed to have, however it isn’t controlled by government authority unless absolutely necessary.
Adoption for those who are infertile or who are otherwise unable to have children is available.

Enkindle…verb- to ignite into flame, fervor(passion), activity, etc; to rebirth or to reawaken
Creation myth based on the history of the migration
It gave this new race purpose
value system: introspective/aware of one’s actions in relation to the ENVIRONMENT AND COMMUNITY
preserving this new earth, resources, equality, integrity
Place of worship=the classroom
Deity=the planet itself...reverence for its gift…

Traditional Economic System!

Create a Society
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