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Life of Pi

No description

Ricky Camacho

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Life of Pi

Life of Pi
Conclusion Presentation of Life of Pi
By : Yann Martel
Pi and Richard Parker, after their journey finally washing ashore on a Mexican beach. Richard Parker runs off, and villagers take Pi to a hospital.These wo officials from the Japanese Ministry of Transport interview Pi about his time at sea, hoping to get answers about the doomed ship. Pi tells the story but it does not fully satisfy the skeptical men. So he tells it again, this time he replaced the animals with humans: a ravenous cook instead of a hyena, a sailor instead of a zebra, and his mother instead of the orangutan. The officials note that the two stories match and that the second is far likelier. In their final report, they commend Pi for living so long with an adult tiger.
Allegory is a rhetorical device in which characters or events in a literary, visual, or musical art form represent or symbolize ideas and concepts.
The power of life’s force,The human desire for companionship, Storytelling as a strategy for self-preservation
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stories will never be the same. " World and I.2002:253.Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly.
Climax Reminder
The Climax is when the ship sinks and Pi’s family dies, leaving him alone with wild animals on a lifeboat.
Another climax occurs when Pi lands in Mexico.
Life of Pi is worthy of high literary merit because of the in-depth analysis that the plot and theme require.
Key Plot Points
Rising action:The Patel family sets sail to Canada.
Resolution:Pi and Richard Parker Survive and they are found on shore.
Life of pi tries to bring up the question, How far will you push to survive? Its tries to answer by showing how many things pi has overcame.
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"How I had failed to notice for two and a half days a 450-pound Bengal tiger in a lifeboat twenty-six feet long was condrum I would have to try to crack later." (Martel 168)
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