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The Medici Family

No description

Oksana Larsen

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of The Medici Family

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici The Medici Family * born in 1360 By building this Empire of wealth, Giovanni laid the path for his family's rise to power! Started the road to power
through the creation
and successful running
of the Medici bank Later on Giovanni was given the control of the Apostolic Chamber “Except for a brief period, the Medici family was also the principal bankers for the papacy, a position that produced big profits and influence at the papal court. Several other Popes after this time also used the Medici family banks and this made the bank very large and wealthy” (Spielvogel, 343). Cosimo de' Medici was born on September 27, 1389.
He is also known as Cosimo the Elder

He became the leader of the Florence oligarchy in 1434, and was able to lead the city in an extremely effective way.
Was responsible for a constitutional regime in Florence. Instead of making changes to written words, he changed the meaning of the laws.
He also created a senate of 100 loyal citizens called the Cento.
His passion for art and architecture showed in his financial support of architects, sculptors and painters, who's works at that time wasn't taken seriously.
He build churches and opened libraries for public use.
Re-created Plato's academy in Careggi.
People of Florence loved Cosimo and saw him as their Godfather Lorenzo the Magnificent After the death of Giovanni,
his older son Cosimo
took over the Bank
and the leadership
of the city Florence... The great-grandson to Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici and grand-nephew of Cosimo.
Lorenzo was born in 1449.

He was one of the brightest and well-known members of the Medici family.
By the age of twenty, Lorenzo and his brother Giuliano de Medici were the rulers of Florence.
After the assassination of his brother in 1478, Lorenzo became the sole ruler of Florence.

He followed the footsteps of his great uncle Cosimo by supporting and funding many famous artists.

Lorenzo raised his nephew Giulio de' Medici, who was the son of his assassinated brother Giuliano, as his own son.
He provided him with the finest teachings and opportunities. Later in his life, Giulio became the well known Pope Clement VII and was influential in many ways during his papacy. Pope Leo X Many members of the Medici family
were influencial in art, politics and religion.
Let's look at some of them... is a well known pope in the history. Born as Giovanni de' Medici, he was a cousin of Giulio and later was elected as Pope Leo X.
He will be forever known as the pope, who influenced the beginning of Protestant Reformation. Piero de' Medici, who was the older brother of Pope Leo X and the oldest son of Lorenzo the Magnificent He was not following the footsteps of his ancestors and made many poor decisions throughout his leadership.
Because of his choices, the Medici family was forced to leave the city of Florence and not till the election of Pope Leo X were they allowed to return.
Piero died in exile and was given the nickname "Piero the Unfortunate" Cosimo I de' Medici or Cosimo I the Great
was born in 1519 He came to power when he was only 17 years old and in 1537 became Duke of Florence.
In 1569, Cosimo reined as the first Grand Duke of Tuscany. Just as many of his ancestors, Cosimo was a great influence in the arts.
Cosimo was the founder or Uffizi (offices)
Fashioned the Pitti Palace and
Created the splendid Boboli Gardens Pitti Palace Boboli Gardens Not only men of the Medici family were influencial in the history of the world... Catharine de' Medici Daughter of Lorenzo II de' Medici She merried Henry II of France and was part of the Valous monarchy.
Catharine became the regent for her son, King Charles IX and was the mother of Marie de' Medici, who later became the Queen of France. Marie de' Medici
was born in Florence in 1573 She was a part of the House of Bourbon by marriage and not long after her husband Henri IV died, Marie became the Queen of France. Giovanni became one of the richest men in Florence! many of those artists are known to us today... Raphael some of his works... Donattello some of his works... Michaelangelo and some of his works... Brunelleschi his work... Leonardo Da Vinci and some of his works... Galileo Galilei... and their influence on art, architecture and religion... Western Civilization 1 Great Individuals 4 Dallas Brady
Jung Jah Alder
Jordan Neilinger
Josh Hackney
Kristin Tucker
Lydia Classen
Megan Dullin
Oksana Larsen
Scott Wilcox
Ted Larsen ...it is because so many members of the Medici family had the passion, love for art, the power and the ability to finance, protect and support the artists, we can still today enjoy their wonderful works.

Just as we can still see and "feel" their influence in religion and architecture. Many known and famouse architects, sculptures and painters were influenced and suported by the members of the Medici family... The End Other members of the Medici family who's had influence on the history or art, archetecture and religion...
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