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Data Backup Solutions

No description

Cricket Larson

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Data Backup Solutions

Christina Larson
2012 URC Engineering Data Backup Solutions Our current efforts Automatic
Daily Exports Modules and All Alarm Parameters on ProPlus Configuration Database Saves the Current Controller Status Power Up Directory Vulnerable Data
No Automatic Backup If lost: No tracking of Event History Event Chronicle If AMS is lost: No new devices. No changes AMS What are we doing?
How can it be better Saved to the Pi Server Saves to the historian Move to Pi Server Historian Internal Backup Routine Possible addition to PM: Manual backup Schedule a windows "event" to back up Check backup during PM Wireless Snap-ons User Accounts Backup
Recovery Disaster Recovery Solution Includes backup plan templates for: DeltaV and AMS includes all data files, folders and databases required to recover workstations and AMS Benefits Fast Restoration
Off-site storage
Data Protection and Recovery in one
Centralized and Remote Management
Notification of Failed Backups
Eliminates Errors from Manual Restore
Backup integrity test = Reassurance Scope to Implement Purchase Centralized Vault
Add License/Management Server Connects into internet Anti-Virus capable
Provides a platform for remote diagnostics Other Improvements Written Restore Procedures
Include Backup Checks on PMs Estimated Projected Cost Currently No Backups Performed Impact Wireless Graphical Planning Wireless planning graphics are stored on the ProPlus C-drive
A manual backup could be done to prevent loss Saved on ProPlus and Each Work Station Saves to itself New files created daily Space is an issue
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