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Marian the Librarian

Gearhart Elementary School's Library/Media Assistant

Mike Brown

on 22 November 2011

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Transcript of Marian the Librarian

Grant Writing The GES Talent Show Reading is an Investment Reading Assistant Reading Incentive Programs Staff/PTSO Support Collection Management 14,000
There is consistent evidence that children and adolescents get a substantial percentage of the books they read (from 30 to 99%) from classroom, school or public libraries (studies reviewed in Krashen, 2004). Marian the Librian:
Gearhart School's Library and Media Assistant Scholastic Book Fair Battle of the Books Study after study has shown that library quality (number of books available or books per student) is related to reading achievement at the state level (Lance, 1994), national level (McQuillan, 1998), and international level (Elley, 1992; Krashen, Lee and McQuillan, 2008), even when researchers control for the effects of poverty. Providing access to books is necessary but is not sufficient: Not all children who have access to libraries take full advantage of them (Peck, 2000, Celano and Neuman, 2008). Keith Curry Lance's studies confirm that the presence of librarians and overall staffing contributes to reading achievement independent of other measures of library quality. The most obvious way librarians contribute is helping children find books, in addition to selecting books and other materials for the library, and collaborating with teachers. 2 This is a Prezi Prezi Marian
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