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A Nightmare Before Christmas


vicky hozjan

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of A Nightmare Before Christmas

A Nightmare Before Christmas

stop animation movie created by Tim Burton
created by using a series of photos that make up the animation
inspiration came from seeing Halloween merch being replaced by Christmas merch
started in 1990 and finished in 1993
took 7 years to get the concept for the film
took over 100 people 3 years to fully complete this movie.
24 frames per second
there were only two shots that were taken in real time; the opening overhead shot, and the shot of the bugs falling out of Oogie Boogie
the most difficult shot to film was the scene where Jack Skellington is reaching for the doorknob to Christmasland, due to the fact that the audience can see the entire reflection of the forest behind him.
Why is this movie considered an Animation Film ?
Gnarly Facts
no human actors, most animation movies are cartoon based
this movie uses a series of different clay figurines and backgrounds, all hand made.
over 200 characters made for the creation of this film
for the main character, Jack, they made over 400 different heads, each with different facial expression to make sure he had every expression needed.
there were over 100 000 frames to make this movie
another element that are commonly found in animation movies is the musical aspect of the film, or background music
in almost every Disney animation movie, songs are a key element.
Displays different frames of art which makes animation
the story is very fictionalized
Makes objects that would not normally speak, have a voice
sally is a creation of the scientist in Halloween town, she is made from different fabrics and body parts to make a 'real life' rag doll and is constantly falling apart at the seams and needs to reattach her body parts. Sally is sheltered by her over protective father-figure the scientist. She is also the main love interest of the movie for Jack, and devotes her time trying to fix what he has unknowingly caused. She senses that something is going to go wrong with Halloween town trying their hand at Christmas. She escapes the scientist to try to fix the damage which will most definitely be caused. She tried to save Santa Claus but is captured herself and is rescued by Jack.
In Halloweenland, Jack is considered someone to look up to for being the "Pumpkin King". His physical appearance is just bones and he wears a suit tied together with a bat as a bow-tie. He is responsible for trying to come up with a Halloween plan for every year and discovers "Christmas Town". Jack has good intentions for the holiday revamp but the two opposing holidays become a disaster. He tried to get Halloweenland involved with christmas because he becomes bored with the annual routine. He tries to take Santa Claus' place and leaves him in halloween town. After the Christmas disaster with Santa left in the hands of the evil Oogie Boogie, Jack rescues Santa, making Jack the hero, when he learns that each town should stick to their own holiday and embrace the job they have.
Jack Skellington (The Pumpkin King)
Oogie Boogie of Halloweenland is the town's worst nightmare, he is seen as the boogyman. Most people in the Halloweenland avoid Oogie Boogie as he is a horrible feared creature. Physically he is made up of bugs all held together inside a sack to represent a bag of garbage. He takes what the citizens of Halloweenland dispose of and lives off of it providing for himself a disgusting gruesome lifestyle. He lives in the underground of the Halloweenland, he gambles with the lives of his prisoners and cheats to get his way to torture them. When he receives Santa Claus from his nasty young henchmen he torments him relentlessly and has the intention to kill and eat him.
Oogie Boogie
These three children are supposed to represent trick-or-treaters of Halloweenland but work as a team of Oogie Boogies henchman. They are sent to get Santa Claus from Christmas Town and let him have the night off from Christmas while Jack takes over. The three children being malicious take Santa to Oogie Boogie to be disposed of forever, which was not Jack's intention in the slightest
Lock, Shock & Barrel
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