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Don't Worry

No description

Joel Thompson

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Don't Worry

Don't Worry Validity Sarah and James Joel the fisherman ... my battery dies? ...I don't have a Smartphone? ...I don't even have
a cell phone What If...? Believers Facebook (55 Likes)
Twitter (20 Followers)
LaunchRock (30 Emails) Model Competition Rollout Market Price $20 per year or $3 per month
Break even at 130 annual subscriptions
First full time employee at 3,000
80% Margin (not including labor)
No outside capital needed SPOT Satellite Tracker Hardware $100
Service $100-$150/yr 40 Million Hikers
4.8 Million Trail Runners
13.7 Million Hunters
46 Million Fishermen 50 Interviews
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