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BUAD 302

Smart Car

Marianne Huang

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of BUAD 302

Topics to Cover Founded in 1948; with over 50 years of marketing experience
Became one of the leading worldwide agency by 1960s
Headquarters in Los Angeles, California
Operates 500 offices in 125 countries worldwide
Company Mission Statement: Our purpose as a company is to create a difference and devise top-quality eco-friendly marketing strategies and consultation to companies worldwide. History Who are we?
What makes us credible
Why we're a perfect fit
Marketing ideas and proposals
Legal Firm Credibility Branch in South Africa established for over 30 years. Ample knowledge on South African culture and norms.
Awards 2007 The Loerie Awards (South Africa) Grand Prix
2008 Silver Anvil Award from Public Relations Society of America
2007 - “Animals in the Womb” for Ford Flexifuel (HHPW Stockholm) nominated for Cannes Lion Award Past Clients Services Fortune 500 companies and others, such as:
Apple Inc.
Ford Motor (Sweden)
Starbucks (China)
Volkswagen (South Africa) Successful Examples Volkswagon Citi Contract duration: (1984 – August 21, 2009) for Volkswagen South Africa
Helped rebrand Citi Golf as car for the young, fashionable, fun and energetic “Get the Freedom of the Citi” (1984)
Target first time buyer between 18 to 24 years old
By 1988, voted as “the most desired student vehicle”
Sales tripled
“Citi Golf: A Constant in a World of Change. Made For Life” (1992)
Positioned as hip and young
1 of every 10 car bought was Citi Golf (1995)
Citi Golf claimed 6% of local market
$ 2 billion worth of Citi Golf sold in South Africa
"Say good-bye to Citi"(2009)
Winner of PRISM Gold award for marketing campaign in 2010
As a result... More than 600,000 sold in South Africa
VW intended to produce for 5 years; with our help, production extended to 25 years
Best selling car in South Africa History
Representation of South African culture and history; icon to South African people Marketing Campaign:
Smart car City-Coupe "Smart Car" (contract duration: 1995 - Present)
Help penetrate the European Market (Initially in 9 countries)
Changed name in 2006 to "Fortwo"
Branded the City-Coupe as fuel efficient, compact, and funky
Known as Europe's "hottest car"
Introduced in Canada under "Smart For Two"
Began campagin in USA as "Tougher than it Looks"

As a result... Over 1 Million units sold over 36 countries and the number continues to grow
Why we're a perfect match Eco-conscious without sacrificing quality
Committed to make a difference to the environment and consumer
Protecting and aiding the future of the environment HHPW Company Values Our Marketing Plan Goals Increase the name and popularity of the company in the new region
Our plans will increase sales by a steady 10 percent Project Kuso Karma
Omneia During the world cup Party Tents Fisker Tent
Locals come to watch the world cup
Admission is free
Refreshments are to be sold
Random give aways provided
Ultimate Prize: Car-Give Away
Win a car through a raffle by winning raffle tickets

After the game host refreshments while premiering vehicles
Refeshments are to be sold
Live music provided
All four vehicles will be on display Exposure Facebook
Whoever refers the most FB friends and corretly fill out questionaire by July 15 will be eligible to win winning team gear
Free and convienent way to post information of Fisker along with commercials
Establish contracts with independent game designers promoting Fisker models
Traveling Car Show & Demos
Cars displayed in popular hot spots such as malls
Fill out lead cards (personal data) to participate in car-dawing and other give aways
Advertisements in magazines
Billboards How much would this cost? Return on INvestment Marketing budget plan Fisker Tent Legal
All legal documentation is in English
Any legal disputes will take place in the United States
FIFA License Conceptual Ads Plan of Operations operating Capital Requirements Office Requirements
Symbiotic Integration
Plans to begin operation from June 2010 through 2011
The estimated costs for the first month is approximately R 650,000 Lease office space Collaboration intends to operate beginning of June 2010 through June 2011 Questions? Distribute vehicles through authorized dealers
What does this all mean? We have a winning game plan to help your company grow in this new market
HHPW has the necessary credentials and experience for success
Consistant growth rate of 10 percent within the first year
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