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Hero's Journey

Based on what I've learned from this topic in the 2012 semester of Mr. Ziebarth's English Class & how to use it in life.

Rikki Nelson

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey

Rikki Nelson Per.4 What Is it? Examples? What in the world does this have to do with me??? Rikki Noel Nelson The Hero's Journey is a cycle/adventure that an individual embarks on to bring about his destiny. Known World My Journey...? I'm no hero. FINALS Project The Hero's Journey This adventure can be of any kind of situation, conflict, or intensity. It varies from story to story, depending on genre of the book, movie, play, or television show. The idea of a "hero's journey" is, in one way or another, mentioned and a part of everything ever written, played on stage or screen. Unknown World Start 1. Call to Adventure! 2. Refusal of the Call 3. Supernatural Aid The supernatural figure represents the protector of destiny; the power behind keeping the hero on his quest. 4. Crossing of the 1st Threshold 5. Belly of the Whale 6. The Road of Trials 7. The Meeting with the Goddess 8. Woman as the Temptress 9. Atonement with the Father 10. Apotheosis 11. The Ultimate Boon 12. Refusal of the Return 13. The Magic Flight 14. Rescue from Without 15. The Crossing of the Return Threshold 16. Master of the Two Worlds 17. Freedom to Live Destiny has summoned the hero and he prepares to depart into the unknown. More often than not, the hero does not wish to answer the call. This may be due to a feeling of inadequecy and disbelief in one's self. The hero recieves aid from a guide or magical helper after he has dedicated himself to the journey. The hero is leaving his known world behind and officially crossing into the domain of adventure, where the limits and rules are different than what he would know. This is the representation of the last separation from the known world of the hero and of his old self. He is engulfed into the unknown and this moment would appear to be his last. The hero must go through a series of obstacles and tests to start his transformation. Usually, these tests happen in threes and he may fail one or more of the tasks. The hero may experience/find unconditional and all-powerful love that holds a lot of power and significance. This may be love found with a woman, or realization for belief in one's self. The hero is presented with temptations that may distract him or lead him away from his journey. The temptation isn't always a woman. She is usually a metaphor for materialistic tendencies and objects from life. This is the moment that all other steps have been leading up to. This point in the story is when the hero must confront someone or something with incredible power that may mean life or death. For the hero to be successful in his transformation, he must be "killed" (literally/figuratively) in order for his new self to come into being. Apotheosize=Deify. The hero is in a state of peace, or a god-like state and is in heaven. He has moved to a state of divine knowledge, love, compassion, and bliss. He feels this fulfillment before he begins his return. The achievement of the goal of the journey. With the quest complete, why should the hero return to the normal, dull world from earlier in his life? In the event that it may be just as dangerous to return from the journey than to go on it, the hero may have to escape with the boon if it is jealously wanted by others. Sometimes the hero may need a guide or rescuers to bring him back to everyday life, in case he has been weakened or wounded during his journey. This is often a difficult step because the hero must retain all that he has learned on his quest in order to return. He must use his new knowledge into the normal life that he had led, and somehow share it with the rest of the world. This may mean achieving a balance between what is material and spiritual, and he has become comfortable and capable in both the inner and outer worlds. The hero learns to live in the moment and not fear death. Star Wars Harry Potter The Avengers The Lion King Finding Nemo Transformers Cars Okay, well I'm not a hero with superhuman abilities or genius intelligence that makes iron suits or owns secret renovated bat caves. But, I'm the hero of my own story. There's no telling what my journey is besides this crazy adventure we call life. If it's something bigger than that, then the day will come. Who knows? It could be romantic, familial, or action-packed!! Until I figure out whatever my destiny is, I can integrate the hero's journey into my daily life very easily. I read books like I breathe. One always in my hand or in front of my nose. I love them. Now, that I know this in depth cycle of the hero's journey, I can identify it in all my stories (which is fun for me), and in all the movies I watch constantly. I've played with the idea of being a book editor or even a producer in the film industry. The hero's journey really helps me acquire the knowledge I need to make a successful plot and story all-together. With careers like those, being in the know of the hero's journey is a major advantage and will be my greatest ally. Period 4 January 25, 2013
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