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CCPS Jan Richardson's "The Next Step in Guided Reading"

Presented By Crystal Hitt and Sarah Moehl

Sarah Moehl

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of CCPS Jan Richardson's "The Next Step in Guided Reading"

Emergent Readers
Guided Reading
Jan Richardson K-2
Guided Reading Lesson Plans
How to integrate with the New Scott Foresman Reading Series.
Jan Strategies
*Decoding strategies
*Picture/word sorts
*Making words
*Sound boxes
*Analogy Charts

What Guided Reading is
Jan Richardson is the author of "The Next Step in Guided Reading". She is a literacy consultant and author who earned her Ph.D. studying struggling readers. She has been a classroom teacher, reading specialist, Reading Recovery® teacher, and implemented many staff development seminars.
Guided Reading and Your Classroom
Great Websites

Guided Reading is 'small-group reading instruction designed to provide differentiated teaching that supports students in developing reading proficiency. The small group model allows children to be taught in a way that is intended to be more focused on their specific needs, and accelerating their progress.

Early Reading Lesson Plans
Pre-A Lessons
Typically used with kindergarteners, struggling first graders, and ELL students.

*Students who know 40 or less upper and lowercase letters and few if any sounds.
*Lack concept of print
*benefit from whole group activities such as read-alouds, shared reading and interactive writing.
Letters and names, sounds, working with books, interactive writing.

Guided Reading Recipe
If you were making a guided reading recipe what would be some of your ingredients?
Here are the ingredients we came up with.
*Knows all letters and sounds
*Can read and write sight words
*Segments sounds in sequence (CVC)
*Uses spaces between words when writing

*One -to-one matching
*Use picture clues and initial letters to figure out unknown words
*Segments sounds to write unknown words
*use these strategies to self monitor during reading and writing
Discuss a story with teacher prompting
Emergent Readers Cont.
Jan Richardson's Strategies

*Mix and fix
*What's missing
*Table writing
*Dry Erase Boards
Advanced Kinder, first grade, struggling second grade, ELL
*Should be able to read and write 20-30 sight words DRA level 5-16
*Self monitor for meaning
*Problem-solve new words using strategies
*Reread to access meaning and structure
*Read for fluency and expression
*Make predictions
*Remember what they read
*Apply phonetic principles, such as blends, vowel combinations, silent e, and endings in reading and writing

Kinder, First, ELL
Jan Strategies- Alphabet mats, Alphabet tracers
Transitional Readers
Word study- "Words Their Way"
Kinder/first level, I(DRA 16) or higher, Second, J-M, Third-Fifth, J-P
Instructional Needs
*Vocab and comprehension
*Decoding, fluency, retell
STP- Stop, Think Paraphrase
Types of questions
What do you think?
How do you integrate the two?
*The Three Little Pigs

* 1 teacher (an instructional assistant may be substituted)
* 1 small group of children (research says more than 6 will ruin the flavor)
*Equal number of books at child’s instructional reading level
*1 dry erase board and marker for each child
*Sprinkles of Reading strategy prompts
* Word study manipulatives (optional)
*Timer (optional)

*Using one of the leveled readers from the Scott Foresman series create a guided reading lesson plan based on Jan Richardson's plan.
Let's Give it a Try
"Comprehension Scaffolds for Guided reading" Created by Wendy Hare
Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Strategies
*Books from library
*Reading A-Z
*Book rooms
* Classroom library

*Don't forget you can use an assortment of reading materials
*Preview/preheat book for vocabulary, picture walk, story introduction.
*To ensure independent readers, stir frequently!
*Sprinkle reading strategy prompts as needed.
*Check doneness by discussing literary elements and comprehension skills.
*Serve with word study manipulatives.
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