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Jack. C and Avery. S

No description

lib hist

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Jack. C and Avery. S

Jack. C- The Medal of Honor does not belong to just one man or the people in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Exc.. Americans who sacrafice for a greater cause. Its for all those people.

Avery. S- I beleive that what these soldiers did was true bravery. Throwing yourself out there, for either every fighting oppurtunity or to go into hand-to-hand combat to buy your fellow Marines some time, its true Courage, Bravery, Sacrafice, Patriotism and Valor all in one.
Jack & Avery
They were both marine corps
They both risked their life for their fellow troops
Both of their actions defined valor
They both died of natural causes
They both performed and act that made them worthy of recommendation
Ross L. Iams was awarded the medal of honor by Woodrow Wilson.
Ross L. Iams was a major and Robert was a General
Ross was awarded one medal and robert was awarded over five medals including the purple heart.
They were both buried in different locations
They fought different battles
Robert E. Galer Ross L. Iams
Ross Lindsey Iams
On November 17th, 1915, Sergeant Ross L. Iams had approached a breach in Fort Reveire, Haiti and jumped through without hesitation despite there being a constant fire from the Cacos at the time. He then engaged the enemy in hand-to-hand combat until the bastion had been captured and the Caco resistance had been neutralized. Ross had been a United States Marine and served for over thirty years. He eventually reached the rank of Major and died of natural causes on March 25th, 1952. He was born on April 5th, 1879 which means he died at the age of 72. I chose this Medal of Honor Recipiant because Ross went head first into danger just to buy his fellow Marines some time. I beleive that what he did was truely brave. His actions, to me, were the definition of Valor.
During World War 2 Robert E. Galer got the medal of honor for throwing himself at every favorable attack opportunity, individually shooting down 11 enemy bomber and fighter aircraft over a period of 29 days. the squadron under his zealous and inspiring leadership shot down a total of 27 Japanese planes.
Robert E. Galer
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