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Argo Mine and Mill & Bent's Old Fort

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on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Argo Mine and Mill & Bent's Old Fort

Argo Gold Mine
Geography around Argo
Similarities and Differences
Argo and Bent's Fort both shaped our future of Colorado. They were both trading posts in Colorado. Argo was a gold rush trading post and Bent's Fort was a trading post during the fur trade. They are both places for tourism.

Bent's Fort existed before Argo. Argo was a place for mining.
Location and People Involved
Argo Mine and Mill
Argo Mine and Mill is important to CO history because it was a gold rush trading post in the 1900's. Georgetown and Idaho Springs wouldn't exist without Argo.
Argo Mine and Mill & Bent's Old Fort
Bent's Fort
It is located in La Junta, Colorado. It is right off highway 194. There are different grasses around the area.
Bent's Fort
William Bent and his brother, Charles Bent built Bent's Fort. It made way for our future.
Bent's Fort
Bent's Fort and other trading posts were basically the way of life back then.
by Devin Morris
When George A. Jackson discovered gold in Colorado, people came to Argo tunnel to mine. It was a gold rush trading post. It is located on I-70 just 35 minutes west of Denver in Idaho Springs.
There is a river by Argo. There are also lots of pine trees. It is on a mountain and surrounded other mountains.
Argo Tunnel
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