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Copy of Reflection ISA

No description

Richard Skilton

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Reflection ISA

Equipment and use
Ray box to provide light ray
Power pack to power the ray box
One single slit to provide only one single ray of light
Did you identify two sources?
name of website if possible with website address
Anomolous results
Calculate an average and discard any anomalous results
What is good about repeats?
What can repeated results show?
Reflection ISA
paper 1 worth 20 marks
Di you compare resources
Why were both resources useful and
why was one better than the other
To make your investigation reliable, what do you need to do?
Will minimize any random results caused during the experiment
Step by step method
Preferably bullet points and the method should enable valid results to be collected
Which measurements are you going to make?
Ex: In this experiment what are you measuring?, what is the range? what are the intervals? why did you choose these range and intervals?
Fair testing
You need to state at least three control variables and how can you control these variables
Keep the same glass mirror by
using only one type of mirror
with the same dimensions and
Risk assessement
Did you identify hazards in this experiment and how to control them
You need at least 3 examples
Ray box may become really hot
after use. Handle with care
Extra mark
This is for using good English
No spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammar.
logical sequence.
reason for the range and interval

Range is to do with the pattern

Interval is to do with a trend

Table of results
Independent variable: x-axis
Dependent variable: y-axis
do not forget the units
Well done
If you follow this system you will get your 20 marks easily.
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