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Sacco & Vanzetti

Social Studies Project

Anthony Raisley

on 3 April 2016

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Transcript of Sacco & Vanzetti

Sacco And Vanzetti Nicola Sacco Born on April 22, 1891 in Torremaggiore, Italy
Moved to the United States in 1908.
Became a shoe factory worker in Plymouth, MA
Met Bartolomeo Vanzetti at an anarchist meeting
Shared common goals
Born on June 11, 1888 in Villafalletto, Italy
His father was a farmer
Eventually moved to the U.S. when he was 20
Settled in Plymouth, MA
Met Nicola Sacco and became friends. Bartolomeo Vanzetti Historical Context Red Scare
Many feared revolutions or uprisings
Americans were suspicious of immigrants
The Crime April 15, 1920 - South Braintree, Massachusetts
Paymaster & Guard killed by two armed men
Over 15000 dollars taken from cash boxes
Murderers quickly escaped in car driven by two or three other gang members
May 5, 1920
Sacco & Vanzetti fall into police trap; indicted
Vanzetti also charged with previous robbery attempt Venzetti's First Trial Venzetti is put on trial for failed Bridgewater robbery
Good defense
Strong alibi
Many Witnesses
Found Guilty
Sentenced to 10-15 years in jail The Second Trial Sacco and Vanzetti charged with murder and robbery
Lawyer, Fred H. Moore
Changed how people viewed the trial
Became political and not just about the crimes
Found guilty of both charges Appeals and Petitions Many attempts at overturning the verdict were made:
Confession from Celestino Maderios
Evidence of Morelli Gang involvement
Evidence of illegal police activities
Prosecution witnesses were lying
Judge Thayer accused himself of misconduct
Gov. Alvan T. Fuller assembled a committee to asses the fairness of the trial Fate of Sacco & Vanzetti All appeals and petitions were ignored
April 9, 1927
Sacco & Vanzetti were sentenced to death
August 23, 1927
The two men were executed The Aftermath Sacco & Vanzetti became famous symbols of:
A broken justice system
Social injustice and inequality
The U.S. being a flawed country
Their innocence is still being debated today
Many songs, films, books, poems, plays, and other works discuss the two men and their trial Tim Vallancort, Anthony Raisley, Danny Russo, and Kyle Coffey
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