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Ernest Hemingway

No description

Carl Garvey

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Ernest Hemingway

Early Life
The Lost Generation
1929 - 1949
Hemingway: The Icon
Jazz Age History
Spring 2015
Carl Garvey
Ernest Hemingway
- 1899 -- 1961
Oak Park, IL
Kechum, ID
- 1918 - Red Cross
NY Times 1934 - "EH enthusiastic over three months he had passed in East Africa stalking big game with rifle and camera..."
Literary Works 1929 - 1940
1929 -
A Farewell to Arms
1932 -
Death in the Afternoon
1933 -
Winner Take Nothing
(short stories)
1935 -
Green Hills of Africa
1933 - 36 - Essays on Masculine Themes for
1936 - 39 - Journalistic Coverage of The Spanish Civil War
1937 -
To Have and Have Not
1940 -
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Writing Style and Themes
"Iceberg Theory"
Love and failed communication between men and women
"The Writer Writing"
The Significance of EH and His Work
1. The Ultimate Symbol of Masculinity

2. Changed the Nature of American Writing

3. Voice of the 'Greatest Generation'

4. "epitomized the violence"
Death and Legacy
Pain, Depression, and Suicide July 2, 1961
"Hemingway's greatest character was Hemingway"
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