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University of North Texas

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juan velasquez santos

on 20 December 2016

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Transcript of University of North Texas

The University of North Texas is located:
Residential Halls
Other Interesting Things

Interesting Organizatioins
Programs of study-Majors
The university was founded in 1890 by Joshua C. Chilton.
UNT is known for its sucsesful alumni leaders. Some award-winning musicians, authors, actors, CEOs, educators, researchers, inventors, engineers and athletes.
When it was first founded it was origanaly called Texas Normal College and Teachers' Training Institute and it was a private institution.
In 1953, the school awarded its first doctoral degree in education, and in 1955 a doctoral degree in music. In 1961, the name became North Texas State University. In 1964, the Texas Commission on Higher Education approved doctoral programs in biology, chemistry, physics and business administration.
May 15 1988 North Texas State University became University of North Texas and it also took a new look.

Some majors are:
Animal Physiology
Broadcast Journalism
Real State
Many More.....
Some Famous Alumnis are:
Lewis Abernathy Jr
Actor and director; played Lewis Bodine in Titanic; also wrote many of the final scenes for the film.
Melissa Rycroft
Dancing with the Stars: All Stars winner
C. James Carrico (1935-2002)
The first physician who treated President John F. Kennedy after he was fatally shot
Cynthia Izaguirre
Anchor for Dallas-Fort Worth news station WFAA,
University of North Texas
Denton Texas
UNT is known for their fantastic Fine Arts program.
In state tuition (Full year) $5,884
Out State tuition (Full year) $13,396
Room and Board (Full year) $6,892
Books(Estimation) $1,050
Loans, Grants and Schoolarships are offered.
Some of the UNT halls are:
Bruce Hall- Roomed by major
Clark Hall-Mostly for freshmen
Crumbly Hall- Only Female Hall
Honor Hall- Honors College
Mozart Hall-More Private Hall
Victory Hall-Students that are in varsity sports

Famous Alumni:
Admission Requirements for Undergraduates:
SAT and ACT only one is needed
Campus Vist-Recomended
Apication Fee: $60
Acceptance Percentage: 64.99%
Academic Courses Recomended
English 4yrs
Electives 3yrs
Fine Arts 1yr
Foreign Language 3yrs
History 4yrs
Math 4yrs
Science 3yrs
Social Studies 4yrs
For more information, visit:
College Center
In UNT they provide many clubs you can attend some are:
Greek Social Faternities and Sororities
Equestrian Club
Women's Ultimate
Mean Green Debate
Members of the Designing Arts (M.O.D.A)
Mixed Martial Arts Club (MMA)
Glee Club
Spirt Bell:The Spirit Bell was brought to Denton from Michigan in 1891. The Talons like to take the bell to other football games and ring it. The Bell is rung to promote spirit at pep rallies and other school functions.
Scrappy, the Eagle Mascot: The eagle changed his name many times, from Beaky to Victor to Mr.Eagle then Scrappy.
Eagle Claw:The eagle hand sign is our universal sign of pride and unity.
Boomer: Is a cannon that is fired by th Talons cannon crew to signal UNT touchdowns, kick off, half time, and the end of home football games as well as special occasions such as University Day.

North Texas Flag: The State flag was green and gaining popularity, but some were concerns the flag was a illegal variation of the Texas State Flag. The North Texas Flag has finally become a recognized university symbol and tradition.
University Seal: represents academic achievement and excellence
Fight Song: Changed over the years, but the
most recent is
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By: Juan
One of the main goals at UNT is to help students connect and maximize there collage experience they have about 350 orginizations to chose from so theres something for everyone
study abroad programs:
Faculty-Led, Affiliated, Exchange, Service Learning, Internships, Research
student to teacher ratio: 20:1
school colors: Green and White

Application deadlines: Fall 2014: March 1, 2014, is the application deadline.

admission information:
1155 Union Circle #311277
Denton, Texas 76203-5017
Phone: 940-565-2681
Toll Free: 800-868-8211
schools website:
About 78 percent of students receive
financial aid and scholarships
Sports in campus:Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball

As one of Texas' largest universities, we offer 98 bachelor's, 82 master's and 36 doctoral degree programs.
The diversity of the UNT student body, which already is one of the nation’s most diverse, continues to grow as both Hispanic and African American student numbers increased. This fall, 6,799 Hispanic students are enrolled,. A total of 4,796 African-American students The Asian-Pacific Island student population grew to 2,341. UNT’s American Indian student population grew to 513 students.

Percentage of studens accepted to
graduate programs: 20% about 7K
Graduation rates within 4-5 years does not have 4-6 year graduation rate available.
Percentage of studens accepted to graduate programs: 20% about 7K students.
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