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DTH Flyer basics - presentation

Peter Matyas

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Flyer

Flyer system functions Sales support for DTH sales network
Logistics support for DTH sales network
Sales support for DTD agents and call center operators
Logistics support for technicians on cable TV area
Integration with systems used by UPC Hungary
Customer service activities Modules... Flyer sales module
Registration of costumer’s personal data
Registration of service address
Black list management
Campaign management
Stock management
Marketing reports
Flyer logistics module
Device manager – single tracking (using serial number)
Device manager – group tracking
Logistics reports The module for executing processes related to existing customers, e.g. the below:
view of personal data
customer related events, processes
view of customer orders and existing contracts
registry of disclaimers
view of actual services and customer stock
broken devices, card exchange opportunities
view of financial information
extra mediabox sales opportunities
bill complaints
other inquiry registration Flyer costumer service module Neuron's DTH Flyer application The professional Sales and Logistics system How Flyer was born... The application was developed in the year 2005 with the aim of supporting UPC DTH’s sales network in Hungary.

Due to positive feedback, the system expanded for managing cable networks area and supporting door-to-door agents, call-center operators, logistics team and installation technicians.
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