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Figurative Language

No description

Allison Blackwell

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Figurative Language

It's EVERYWHERE! Figurative Language "Life is a highway, I wanna
ride it all night long" Metaphor... "I guess she's an Xbox,
I'm more an Atari" "My heart's a stereo,
it beats for you so listen close" "You ain't nothin' but
a hound dog, cryin' all
the time" Simile "You, with your words like knives" "Tranquil as a
forest" "Seasons go,
seasons come
steady as the beating drum" Onomatopoeia "Boom, boom,
pow" "Ring, ring, ring
goes the trolley" "Ka-ching" Alliteration "You're better than
the best, I'm lucky to
just linger in your life" "My life has been a
ship, sailing sea to sea" "Baby, baby, baby, oh" Hyperbole "Today was a fairytale. You've
got a smile that takes me to
another planet" Personification "I walk this empty street, on
the boulevard of broken dreams,
where the city sleeps" "Watch the time go right out
the window" Idiom "Weighed down with words" "Her eyes, her eyes, make the
stars look like they're not shining" "Tonight, we are young,
so let's set the world on fire" Imagery "Cause you know I'd walk a
thousand miles" "Chesnuts roasting on an
open fire, Jack Frost nipping
at your nose, Yuletide carols
being sung by a choir,
And folks dressed up like Eskimoes" "You were Romeo, I was
a scarlett letter and my
daddy said, 'Stay away,
from Juliet.'" "Tick-tock" "I roll down the window,
And then begin to breathe in,
The darkest country road,
And the strong scent of everygreen,
From the passenger seat,
As you are driving me home" Analogy "I took off like a silent
antelope after my brother" "You think I'm just some
kind of workhorse, son?" "...sizzled in the sand..." "...burnt-out buffalo chip..." "It hadn't rained in three years..." "...crying her little heart out" "...the windmill watched me disappear into the dark soddy..." Makes stories more convincing, entertaining,
interesting, and realistic!
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