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Promise and Law

GGA have a new Promise and Law - What does it mean to you?

Emily Meades

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Promise and Law

But what does that mean to you?
Part of becoming a Guide is learning about the Promise and Law
I promise that I will do my best
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs
To serve my community and Australia
And to live by the Guide Law
Lets start with looking at the
Promise, shall we?
Did you know every Promise around the world has three parts? So does ours!
But what does that mean?
The First Part:
"To be true to myself and develop my beliefs"

Well, that depends - lets explore it shall we?
"To be true to myself..."
Ask Yourself -
What do you think
"being true to yourself" means?
-What does it mean to be true to myself?
-What sort of things are important to me?
- Draw yourself as a Superhero - what would your "special powers" be? Friendship? Loyalty?
- What do I believe in?
"And Develop my Beliefs"
What does
"develop my beliefs" mean?
- How can I explore this further?
- Do I know anyone with different beliefs to me?
With your patrol, friends, leaders or family; discuss different beliefs and values - share your own if you are comfortable to, or talk about differences in cultures, and how beliefs effect that.
Lets explore this further ...
The Second Part:
"To serve my Community and Australia"

Ask Yourself...
Ask Yourself ...
What does "Community" mean?
- What is your community?
- Are there different levels of community?
- What can you do to help your community?
- Are you part of more then one community?
Ask Yourself ...
How can I serve Australia?
What does being Australian mean to me?
How many different ways can I "Serve", or help, Australia?
Find out about a piece of Australian History you don't know much about already - the First Fleet, Indigenous Australians, etc.

How is this important to Australia today?
How many National days can you list? Anzac Day, Australia Day etc.What sort of things can you do on these days?
On a paper plate paint a picture
of the world
Then - cut out, out of different coloured pieces of paper circles to represent Your house, town, state, country. The Earth is the largest circle, then country, state etc.
With your friends, patrol, leaders or family discuss how these represent different levels in your community.
Put it somewhere safe as you will need it later on :)
Levels of Community
And there is a third part we will get to in a little bit.
OK - so we've spoken about
the first two parts...

But, I hear you ask, what about the first line
"I promise that I will do my best"?

Good point- lets chat about that.
Ask Yourself...
What does it mean to
"do my best"?
- Is everyone's best the same?
- Sometimes it is hard to try to do our best all the time - what situations can I think of that this is hard for me? How can I change this?
- If I've tried my best do I need to feel sad or angry if I don't get the outcome I had planned? Why? Why not?
Find some quotes or pictures that represent doing your best to you and stick them up in your room, or in your diary.
That's right - back to the Third Section.
"To live by the Guide law"

Part Three:
"And live by the Guide Law"

But how can you live by the Guide Law before you know the Guide Law?
Well, we are about to solve this by exploring the Guide Law further.
But first - before we discuss the separate sections of the Law, lets talk about what it means to "Strive"
As A Guide I Will Strive To...
The dictionary says to strive means to "endeavor", but that's another big word that sounds scary. I promise you its not!
All "Endeavor" means - is to try hard. So, by saying "As A Guide I Will Strive To" you are saying "As a Guide I Will Try Hard To"
What does it mean to "Respect"?
To Respect Myself and Others.
Respect is when you treat someone with consideration, appreciation and kindness.

It means valuing other people's opinions and feelings and trusting them to do the same for you.
What Does it mean to respect yourself?
Respecting Yourself
Ask Yourself...
What am I good at?
What are my positive attributes?
Should I have to change who I am for someone else?
On a sheet of paper write;
I am Proud of me because:
I am good at:
Something I like about me is:
Can someone else respect me if I don't respect me?
Respect Others
What does it mean to respect others?
People have lots of differences (race, religion/beliefs, gender, abilities) - does that mean we should treat them different?
How do I feel when someone doesn't treat me with respect? How do I feel when someone does treat me with respect?
Ask Yourself ...
Everyone should have a chance to have their opinion and ideas heard, do you listen to others fairly?
Respecting others means if someone tells you something you take it on board - do you pay attention to your teachers, parents and leaders?
What do these three words mean? How can we be these things?
Be Considerate, Honest and

Being Considerate means thinking of others and being aware of their feelings.
Can you think of times when you have been considerate?
What about times other people have been considerate of you?
Make a list of things that are considerate - they might be things you could do to be more considerate yourself - like washing the dishes for mum and dad after dinner.
Honesty is being Truthful and someone others can trust. It's being true to yourself as well as others.
Sometimes it is hard to be honest. Have you ever been in a situation where it has been hard? What could you do to change this?
When people are honest it makes other people trust them and respect them. Who are some honest people you know?
Sometimes being honest means doing the right thing. When could this be the case?
Being Trustworthy means other people know they can trust you to do the right thing. It means you are loyal, honest and reliable.
Who is someone you know that is trustworthy? Why are they?
What does trustworthiness mean to you? Do you consider yourself trustworthy? Why? Why not?
Be Friendly To Others
What does it mean to be friendly to someone?
Ask Yourself...
What Makes A Good Friend?
What are three qualities I value in my friends?
Am I a good friend? How can I be a better friend?
Everyone needs friends - do you know someone that needs a friend? What could you do to be their friend?
On a piece of paper wright the word "FRIEND" going down. Next to each letter write a word the describes a good friend - for example you might have "Respect" next to R.Decorate it and hang it in your room or Guide Hall.
How many different choices do we make every day?
Make Choices for a Better World
Ask Yourself...
How do these choices effect the people and the environment around us?
Is there such thing as good and bad choices? Why? Why not?
What sort of choices could I make "for a better world"?
Remember your levels of community you made earlier, out of a paper plate and coloured paper?
Now it's time to get that back out again.

See if you can write or draw three things on each different level that would be you making choices for a better world.
Discuss with your patrol, friends, leaders or family what you've put where and why.
Using your time and abilities wisely means you are doing your best and being productive.
Use My Time and Abilities Wisely
Ask Yourself....
Potential and Productivitiy
What does "Potential" mean and how will using my time and abilities wisely help me achieve mine?
Do I ever procrastinate? Is this using my time wisely?
How can I better use my time and abilities?
Ask Yourself...
Be Thoughtful and Optimistic
Am I thoughtful of others?
Do I think before I do or say anything?
Being optimistic means being positive - sometimes it is hard to stay positive. When is this hard for me? What sort of things can I do to change this?
It's important to make sure we think
positive every day.
Make a 3D tree, or draw a tree that you can put in your room. Make a whole lot of leaves - use different colours - out of material, or paper, and every day try and think of one or two things your feel positive about or are thankful for. Write these things on a leaf and stick it to your tree - soon you will have a beautiful fully grown tree of positive thoughts to remember when you are sad, angry or upset.
Ask Yourself ...
Live With Courage and Strength
What does it mean to live with courage and strength?
Are there different forms of courage? Strength? If yes, how so?
Can you think of an example of someone living with courage and strength?
Now that we've explored the Guide Law -
Ask Yourself...

Back To The Promise...
"And to live by the Guide Law"

How can I implement the Guide Law in my day to day life?
What does the Guide Law as a whole mean to me?
Are you ready to make your promise as an Australian Girl Guide?

No one can make this decision for you, some questions you can ask yourself to be sure are:
The Final Question:
Am I Ready?
Have I thought about what each part means, and how I will live by the Promise and Law after my promise ceremony?
Do I Understand What the
Promise and Law Means to Me??
Am I happy and comfortable to make my Promise?
Do I think I am ready?
That's okay,
I don't think I am ready yet.
You don't have to be. You can continue to think and explore what making your Promise will mean to you - and when you are ready speak to your Patrol Leader or Leader and they will organise a ceremony for you
I am ready.
Well Done
When you think you are ready and comfortable to make your Promise speak to your leader or Patrol Leader and they will organise a ceremony for you.
Remember that you don't have to be ready straight away, and it is up to you when you make your Promise.
You can always talk to your friends, family, patrol or Leaders about your Promise and Law if you wish.
Well done, Good Luck, and all the best for all your future adventures Guiding is sure to bring you!
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