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Setting, Mood, Conflict

No description

Allison Hilburn

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Setting, Mood, Conflict

Plot, Setting, and Mood

The time and place of the story
How is setting crucial to a story?
Writers create setting through the nine following items
Details that suggest
--time of day
--time of year
--time of season
--historical period
Descriptions of
The feeling or atmosphere that a writer creates for readers.

A writer develops mood by using imagery and choice of words or details.

How can the mood of a story suddenly change?
Questions to Examine
How does the setting create conflict?
How does the setting influence characters?
How does the setting create mood?
How does the setting serve as a symbol, or an item other than itself?
Chain of events that traces a conflict
Conflict is a struggle between opposing forces.
Internal conflict: conflict within the mind of a character
External conflict
What are the three outside forces that a character can come in conflict with?
Think of three stories and their settings. Then think of how it affects some other element in the story like the plot or characters. Fill in the chart.
Use one of the previous stories you thought of to answer the following questions.
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