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Love in The Bluest Eye

No description

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Love in The Bluest Eye

Love in The Bluest Eye
Love is one of the major themes present in the bluest eye. There is a special emphasis on people loving the wrong this too much and forgetting to love the more important things.
EROS= an intimate or passionate love based on ones sexual attraction for another
Philia= a love that is based on the concept of "give and take". It is an affectionate love founded on the idea of friendship.
Unselfish love
Perfect love
Godly love
Mania= obsessive love; experience great emotional highs and lows; very possessive and often jealous lovers.
Familial love
The prostitutes
molested Frieda
Pedophile: Doreen, Sugar Babe...
The Breedloves
Claudia and Freida
The Maginot Line
development of the body (Freida)
rape (Pecola and Cholly)
Soaphead's pedophilia
Mr. Henry touching Frieda
-Love of whiteness
Cholly & Pauline
sexual relationship
fight --> "make-up sex"
Cholly towards Pecola
Cholly and Darlene
Cholly had always had a crush on Darlene
Strong sexual attraction
Did not get to develop from Eros to Philia
Ms Dunion use this to refer to one being raped
Foreshadowing the rape to come
The children, who do not understand this, link "ruined" to being fat
-"Like the Maginot Line. She's ruined."
People keep taking from her, yet they never give her anything back and she does not complain, she simply goes with it.
Soaphead's idea of a dirty thing, Cjlidren are clean
Pecola's rape- Our+society's idea of what is a good way to express love -> love and lust

The MacTeers
Soaphead's idea of a dirty thing, Children are clean
Pecola's rape, Soaphead, Mr.Henry- Our+society's idea of what is a good way to express love vs. theirs -> love and lust
Society and love of whiteness=clean, being black is dirty=unloved
They defended Pecola
The only ones who would acknowledge her being a human
Wanted her and her baby to live
Their friendship with Pecola
"Oh some of us "loved" her. The Maginot Line.
Mr. Soaphead
Gave Pecola blue eyes
Pauline's vision of love towards her family is unique
she tries to keep her children from having to endure the fate that she had and for that reason is harsh on them, which she did by teaching them about fear
"She bent toward respectability, and in so doing taught them fear: fear of being clumsy, fear of being like their father, fear of not being loved by God, fear of madness like Cholly's mother's."
she also tries to assimilate them to the white culture by force
she loves the white culture more than her own children
"Pauline kept this order, this beauty, for herself, a private world, and never introduced it into her storefront, or to her children.
Caludia and Freida
Strong bond between each other, it grows throughout the book
"Then Pecola asked a question that had never entered my mind. "How do you do that? I mean, how do you get somebody to love you?" "
Cholly has a twisted view on how to express love
One could argue that he does not understand how to express love in a paternal way, due to the fact that he grew up without a father
Lacking the father figure as an example
Despite what the readers may see as immoral, Cholly justifies his actions as an act of pity and to some extent even love.
"The sequence of his emotions were revulsion, guilt, pity, then love."
Cholly attempts to protect his child:
"It was such a small and simple gesture, but it filled him with a wondering softness. Not the usual lust to part tight legs with his own, but a tenderness, a protectiveness."
The only way that he can see himself saving his daughter
Wants to do something for her in order to be worthy of her love
"What could his heavy arms and befuddled brain accomplish that would earn him his own respect, that would in turn allow him to accept her love?"
He knows he has to fix his self-respect and learn to love himself before he can love others
He knows that his love of self is broken and therefore the love he gives to others brakes them as well
"Cholly loved her. I'm sure he did. He, at any rate, was the one who loved her enough to touch her, envelop her, give something of himself to her. But his touch was fatal."
Defend mother from Cholly
trying to get his mother's attention
trying to win his mother's affections
makes an effort to do something about his suffering
Running away from home
Crying out for attention
Hoping that his parents would notice him
Mrs. MacTeer
Protective of her children. Wants them to stay on the right road -> rules. "Fusses"
Distant, description as hands.
Has a great impression on Claudia and Freida
"So when i think of autumn, I think of somebody with hands who does not want me to die."
"But without song, those Saturdays sat on my head like a coal scuttle, and if Mama was fussing, as she was now, it was like somebody was throwing stones at it

Mr. MacTeer
Protective of his children - reaction to Mr. Henry
Pecola does not feel loved
she does not know how to show that she wants to be loved
Her parents do not provide good examples of loving people: mother loves whiteness not people and father's love is "broken".
her biggest wish in this novel is to be loved and she attempts to make this happen by going as far as to change her eye color. --> society's love for blue eyes
The bluest eye presents a juxtaposition between two very different colored families, emphasizing the problems that the Breedloves encounter.
All have taken part in society's love of whiteness
Has learned to love whiteness form her mother, but becomes also a victim of this love.
Is unable to love anything because of her love of whiteness, except maybe her cat
Has substituted her love for her family for the love of whiteness
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