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Hetalia Quiz!!

No description

Nureen Ansari

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Hetalia Quiz!!

ARE YOU READY?! This is the Hetalia Fan-Quiz! FINALLY A POP QUIZ! Ve~I love Pasta. :)
I'm in the Axis Powers
I have a older twin brother.
My grandfather was Roman Empire!
Waah! Don't hurt me please!
My eyes are often closed, though I can see.

1) The version of Hetalia when the main characters are children
2) The version of Hetalia where the characters are cats
3) The version of Hetalia that's GENDER-BENDER Most countries fear me for no reason.
Tall and strong, I'm a fighting nation.
I recruit people into the Axis Powers.
I was the one who found Italy (in the tomato box).
For some reason, I have a bad reputation among counties as indecent...

Who am I?? I am Germany I'm quiet and I keep to myself.
I was recruited by Germany into the Axis Powers.
I used to be a solitary nation.
I'm often regarded as mysterious.
Though I don't say much, I try to do all I can for the Axis.

Who am I? I am Japan Some people think I'm too loud, how rude!
I have an alien friend, so cool!
I'm in the Allies (I'm the hero!)
I was raised by a fellow Allies Member, and now I'm independent of them.

Who am I? I am America!!! I am Italy! Some say I can't cook to save my life.
I often have fights with another Allied Nation.
I raised America as my own brother.
Often, people distinguish me by my thick eyebrows!
I'm awful when I'm drunk.

Who am I? I am England I believe myself to be the most beautiful of the Allied powers <3
Me and England...we go way back...I still hate him
I believe love is something sacred and beautiful, that's why I love all women :)
I am represented by the beautiful red rose, like love itself.

Who am I? I am France I have two sisters, one older, one younger.
For some reason, many countries fear me...I can never understand why
The Baltic States are under my wing.
My homeland is gigantic!
I wear my sister's scarf all the time, it gets cold here!

Who am I? I am Russia I am Japan's big brother.
My life is based on tradition and culture.
Sadly, the other Allies boss me around.
Russia creeps me out!!
Panda is my very close friend.
Lucky color: RED!

Who am I? I am China I'm one of the lesser countries on the Axis
Powers' side.
Some regard me as weak, but I prefer not to get my hands dirty in such an unclean way.
I can play the piano.
I shared a ruler with another country.

Who am I? I am Austria I shared a ruler with another Axis country.
That country and I were conjonted and used to live under the same roof.
I'm one tough nation! A girl to top that off!
Okay...I do have feelings for Austria...but how can I not?

Who am I? I am Hungary No one knows, but Germany is my little brother.
I am so awesome, and so powerful!
Hungary...sadly...used to kick my butt...
Now, I kick Austria's butt >:)
Platinum blonde and handsome
Chicky is always on my head

Who am I? I am Prussia We're Russia's sisters :)
I'm the eldest one and I ran away from my home in the soviet Union early on, and now trying to make friends in the UE. I'm a bit of crybaby :(
I'm the youngest one, and I love Russia so much. I want to marry him. I left the Soviet Union with big sis, but I came back for Russia.

Who are we? We're Ukraine and Belarus I'm so quiet that I'm often ignored.
I'm a part of the Allies though no one remembers me :(
I'm often mistaken for America >:(
I hold a bear in my hands, he always forgets my name.

Who am I? I am Canada We're the three terrified people under Russia's control :(
Even though we know each other, we're pretty much strangers.
We were once a part of the Soviet Union.

Who are we? We're the Baltic States: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia Hola mi amour!
I was once a world power with high recognition.
I love mis tomates :)
One of my subordinates is related to Italy.
I used to be a pirate on the high seas.

Who am I? I am Spain I curse a LOT...don't ask why.
My little brother is Italy.
We are total opposites and
no one loves me like they love Italy.
Spain is my protector.
I...like tomatoes...a lot

Who am I? I am Romano I am softspoken and quiet.
Much like Japan
There's an Ottoman country
that I often fight with.
I have yet to uncover my mother's ruins.

Who am I? I am Greece I'm the leader of the Ottoman Empire
Long ago, I kicked Great Spain's behind because of Romano.
I dislike Greece...I HATE HIM!!
Japan and I are somewhat close.

Who am I? I am Turkey I was supposed to have died a long time ago
I used to live with Austria, Italy and Hungary
I was in love with Italy...and I still am.
Some people say I was reincarnated as Germany

Who am I? I am Holy Roman Empire (HRE) We are five 'brothers'
One of us is really bossy...he's the oldest
One of us is extremely scary, though he means well.
One of us is slightly cowardly
And the two who're most similar were actually found to be brothers by blood

Who are we? We're the Nordics: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland Norway I used to be great power
I have two grandchildren: Italy and Romano
I love women :)
I was a very wealthy empire before I went into hiding.

Who am I? I am Roman Empire Answer 1:
Chibitalia Answer 2:
Nekotalia Answer 3: Nyotalia Thanks for taking the
Hetalia Quiz :)
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