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Intern presentation

No description

Muthu Vignesh

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Intern presentation

Internship presentation
The Tiruppur co-operative urban bank limited
Incorporated under co-operative socities act on 8/12/1914.
Organization structure
Board of directors
Personal banking
Agricultural / rural Banking
International Banking
Corporate Banking
Government Business
Personal banking
TCUB offers a wide range of services in the personal banking segment which are indexed here. Their products are designed with flexibility to suit customers personal requirements.
"To be a sound and strong, truly member owned ,democratically controlled and ethically managed banking institutions with high degree of transparency, and providing need based banking services essentially to the middle class and marginalized sections of society."
Managing director
Business segments
TCUB Term Deposits
TCUB Recurring Deposits
TCUB Housing loan
TCUB Car loan
TCUB Educational loan
TCUB Gold loan
 No loss occurred in any year.
 Diverse products.
 Government support.
 Huge accumulated profits as compared to competitors.
 Products are designed by keeping the target customers in mind.
 Well established branches.
 Concentrated in few key products.
 High attrition rate
 Legal issues
 Since main concentration is on lower middle class group of people the scope for development is limited
Lack of professionalism among employees
Technologically Backward
 National expansion
 Emerging markets
 Reduced competition
 Co-operative sector is growing
Favorable changes in government regulations.
 Government intervention
 Increasing interest rates
 Mortgage issues
 Rapid technological growth
 Increasing employees demand
 Political instability
Organizational performance
The net profit of the bank has reached 1 cr in the past few years.
The net profit of the bank for the financial year 2013-2014 as mentioned after the consolidated balance sheet audited by the comptroller and auditor general(CAG) of the state of Tamilnadu is Rs. 1,06,51,575. Net NPA 0%

The bank also has the credit of profit making right from the year of establishment i.e. there was no loss in any of the years of operations.
In the beginning of 2013-2014 the bank had deposits of total Rs.90,05,72,865 which had increased to Rs.1,08,39,07,067.
In the beginning of the financial year 2013-2014 outstanding amount under the various loans issued was Rs. 82,61,74,548. The loans that was issued on the year amounted to the total of Rs. 90,70,86,168. The amount collected back was Rs. 97,55,83,314 (including interest) And the amount outstanding was Rs. 75,76,77,401 under various loans. The total outstanding loans Nonperforming assets (net) (NPA) were 0%.

The highlight of my internship is the amount of knowledge I have gained about co-operative banking. I had the privilege of working in the loan section of TCUB.
The team that I interned with is called personal finance division. This division is concerned with evaluating the customers credibility and also in charge of giving clearance to dispense the loans.
Key takeaways from the internship
• TCUB culture
• Networking
• Team work
• Knowledge
• Communication skills
• Professionalism
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