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Compare/Contrast Mali, Ghana, Songhai

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Torrye Rasch

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Compare/Contrast Mali, Ghana, Songhai

Compare/Contrast Mali, Ghana, Songhai
Mali (contrast)
-In 1200's the kingdom conquered, what was left of the empire of Ghana.
-warrior-king named Sundiata Keita
-they also called him the "Lion Prince"
-he siezed the capital of Ghana in 1240
-then won control of lands from the Atlantic coast to the trading city of Timbuktu
-near the Niger River
-were practically the same kingdom
-all had salt and gold trade
-all had clans
Songhai (contrast)
Ghana (contrast)
-traders grouped hundreds and thousands of camuls to form caravans
-traded salt and cloth from North Africa and the Sahara for gold and ivory from western Africa
-trade led to growth of cities in western Africa
-rulers of the cities began to build empires
-first empire to develop was Ghana
-was located where several trade routes came together
By: Torrye Rasch
-1468 Sunni Ali stormed into Timbuktu and drove out the Berbers
-began a campaign of conquest
-died in 1492 from a horse-riding accident
-by death he had built the largest empire in West Africa
-the empire almost lasted 100 more years
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