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Ritalin Presentation

No description

Miriam Maier

on 27 June 2011

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Transcript of Ritalin Presentation

Ritalin first synthesized by Ciba-Geigy in 1944 Methylphenidate treatment for ADHD focus on student abuse Ritalin abuse cognitive enhancing and self improvement 7-35% of students have abused Ritalin before to stay up all night to finish papers or study for a test Behavioral effects Molecular Effects most often prescribed psychostimulant in US Funny facts. is evaluated as a replacement therapy for methamphetamine addiction Neurotransmitter reuptake inhibitor ( mainly DA) binds DA and Noradrenaline transporter in the Synapse improved concentration Long term effects Tolerance may occur psychological and physiological dependence reduced hyperactivity reduced reaction time increased rate of processing of visual and auditory information no direct correlation with academic improvement proven increase in working memory sleep deprivation reduces the action of Ritalin loss of appetite general feeling of increased intelligence excessive doses can induce panic episodes, aggression, and suicidal tendencies or death increases DA, NA and ACh concentrations in the CNS Bioavailability = 20% DA and NA are significant in working memory capacity in the lateral prefrontal cortex change in gene expression (zif 268 and Homer 1a) in cortex and striatum these genes are responsible for synaptic strengthening but also addiction no ability to concentrate without the drug anymore 3$ per pill social isolation especially in children morphological neuroadaptions DSIM-IV characterized ADHD as a "heterogeneous combination of several disruptive behaviors hey dude
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