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Itable PQ Labs

Power Quality Multitouch table

Justin Foster

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Itable PQ Labs

p pQ PQ LABS LOGOS AND CREATIONS OF TECHNOLOGY There are all kinds of things to do on your multitouch screen, you can play games, access the internet, and even syncronize your phone, Ipod, or any other electronic item and, you can text or call people, on your Itable!!! How cool is that? There is a huge amount of new technology and here is some of that, there are all kinds of different Itables, as you can see. See there is alot of fun things when it comes to technology, and yes it is expensive but it'll be worth it. This is the multitouch screen that is from microsoft, and it looks like a television, but it's a multitouch screen that is placed on the itable, basic, but very unique. This is the 2nd generation Itable, probably for the average person, that has a large income. This is the 3rd generation Itable, this one more like a coffee table, for businesses and firms, no price on this one, but expect it to be expensive. This Itable is not from PQ Labs and was made after PQ Labs made theirs, it isn't American made it's from China, but it's the same concept, and it just shows you-you can make or do anything with what you have and where you are. This is the multi touch wall, it is an entire wall but you take up over half of the wall with a multi touch screen, internet access, it would be like a touch screen movie theater, or music station it is expensive!!!! This is the 3rd generation Itable mainly for firms, and businesses, more expensive than the 2nd generation because it has a larger and has a better screen, it does most of the same things as the 2nd generation but it's more expensive like as in 12,000 dollars. This is the 2nd generation
It is said to be about $7,500
back of screen
and even your screen saver Multi touch screen.
You can choose between 100" and 200" for the screen.
No price
3rd generation
Business and Firm type people will have these. PQ labs stands for "power quality labs" for those of you that didn't know. Another fact is that most of the products are always to work if they don't you can exchange for the same thing, something of a thousnad dollars more, than the other for the trouble, or you can get you money back. PQ LABS has amazing products and you actually only saw a few of their genius technological ideas, and there are plenty more.
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