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Women's First 100 Days in Trump's America

Top three issues facing women within first 100 days of new presidency.

Mac-Z Zurawski

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Women's First 100 Days in Trump's America

Women's 100 Days in Trump's America
Women Victims of Gun Violence
Chicago's rising violence has been a world wide sensation. From Trump's tweets to the resignation of the U.S. Attorney women's rising deaths have been ignored. As of April 12th, 2017 17 women have been murdered by gun violence in Chicago. We must act now to stop the violence in Chicago. No more tweets. Force Alderman George Cardenas's Gun Violence Health Epidemic Resolution off the table and into passage. The cure starts with federal health funding.
Pass Jessie's Law
Opioid addiction is on the rise especially in women. The new face of opioid and heroin addiction is white, suburban females. It's time to pass Jessie's Law (U.S. Reps. Tim Walberg and Debbie Dingell). We must treat drug addiction as a health issue, not just a criminal issue, to find cure's.
The Next 100
Call to Action: Women must continue to resist the negative changes to laws, fight to have laws passed and find new allies. If we are outnumbered in Congress then pressure the local politicians. As cities continue to be ravaged by violence, rural and suburban friends and neighbors are your new ally. The three stats mentioned here can be a combination that will obliterate families. If we want America to be Great it starts with us, not just a president.
Domestic Violence
Since January of 2017, 174 women were shot to death due to domestic violence. Stop the cuts to the Violence Against Women Act in Trump's budget. Lives literally depend on it.
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