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Allusions vs. Illusions

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on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Allusions vs. Illusions

Define "illusion"
the skewing of reality, concepts,
or beliefs
Students who cheat are under the illusion that grades are more important than the learning process.
Who uses illusions?
Why do you think I've shown you this picture?
An implied or indirect reference to literature
What allusions did she make?
Is her main allusion appropriate?
Write a short paragraph evaluating Swift's allusion to Shakespeare's tragedy.
What impact do these allusions have on the song?
Why did they choose Disney?
Like coughing a bite of apple from a slender throat

Like a grandmother reborn from a wolf's belly

Like slipping a foot into a glass shoe

Like a frog prince thrown against a wall

We slough off the skin of the old year

And wait for what's underneath to toughen.
Holly Black
Discussion with partner:
What is the theme of this poem?
How do the allusions influence the theme?
What is his main message/purpose?
How do the allusions contribute to the message?
If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back , and get it right side up again! And now they is asking to do it, the men better let them.
How did her allusion advance her cause?
Can you think of a better allusion she could have made here?
Most Common Allusions
1. Greek Myths
2. Literary
3. Historical
4. Biblical
Creation Time!!!
Write 4 allusions on your own.
1. Greek/Biblical
2. Historical/Political/Pop Culture
3. Media (Film/TV)
4. Literary - something we've read
Write 2 sentences using
"illusion" and "allusion" correctly
Multiple choice selection:
1. Choose the sentence that uses the correct form of "allusion"
a. The vanishing-edge pool creates the allusion that it could slip from its moorings and glide away.
b. Squeezable margarine instead of real melted butter adds to the ready-to-eat allusion.
c. The sculpture creates the allusion of forward movement when in reality it remains solitary.
d. Her allusion to Harry Potter earlier was quite brilliant.
2. Choose the correct form of "illusion" from the following sentences.
a. His illusions to the Bible were plainly indicated in his memoir.
b. The penchant for classical illusions in modern lyrics is astonishing.
c. We found illusions to Shakespeare's famous play when watching a Disney film.
d. The illusions presented by the magician seemed oddly familiar.
3. Choose the correct form of "illusion" or "allusion" in the following sentences.
a. The princess illuded to her country's past when she joked about their wealth.
b. Few allusions can be found in the history books regarding the present.
c. There was a clever illusion to Bartleby in my English class yesterday when a student said she'd prefer not to do the assignment.
d. Since graduation, the allusion to become a star has passed.
4. Which of the following sentences contains an allusion?
a. The story of the great flood can be found in the book of Genesis.
b. She felt like she had been granted the knowledge of Athena as she took her ACT.
c. Shakespeare is not my favorite playwright, but he is certainly the most famous.
d. Ms. Mann sings songs from Broadway shows randomly in class sometimes.
5. Choose the following sentence that does NOT contain an allusion.
a. "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Anderson was grossly misrepresented in the Disney version.
b. As the cave roof collapsed, he was swallowed up like Jonah.
c. My reputation grows like the nose of Pinocchio.
d. Shelly smashed the door down with the strength of Hercules.
Today - differentiate between the commonly confused words "illusion" and "allusion"
Goal 2 - identify, analyze, evaluate, and create allusions
Individually - write the allusions in the following poem
Young Goodman Brown's staff
Allusion to what?
Family Guy - Notice the allusions
Reflection: Write short response

How does your knowledge of allusions make you a better reader?
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