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Alina Ahmed

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of China

What is an immigrant?
An immigrant is someone who comes to live somewhere in a different country
where did they Settle?
How did they get to America?
By: Alina Ahmed
Or someone who migrates somewhere usually for permanent residence
Background on China
China is the most populated Country in the world having the population of just being over 1.4 billion people
It's capital is Beijing
China is bordered by 14 countries
The climate in China is extremely diverse tropical in the south to freezing cold in the North
The Chinese Immigrated to America in three periods
Where is China Located?
China is located in Eastern Asia on the western shore of the Pacific Ocean
The relative location of Beijing is southeast of Mongolia and Russia, West of Korea and Japan, it is in the North part of China
China's absolute location is 39.9167° N, 116.3833° E
What were some laws they had to follow?
The first was from 1849- 1882
The second was from 1882- 1965
The third was in 1965
Why did they immigrate to America?
The Chinese wanted to come to America because...
Economic opportunities
America- Higher power and represented the hope of freedom
The most important reason for chinese immigration was due to the economic hardship and the increasing british power and influence over China after Britain defeated China in the Opium War of 1839-1842
Economic development and racial exclusion
Worked with mining and railway construction most of them settled in the western economy
As anti chinese feelings increased in America they fed into small business in cites such as
San Francisco, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle.
How did Americans viewed the people that immigrated from China?
The immigrants got to America by boat in the Pacific Ocean
It took them 3 weeks to Get to America
Most could not even afford lower class travel and had to borrow money from relatives and neighbors
What did they do once they got to America?
Some jobs they worked as were...
What is the Capital of China?
How did the chinese immigrants get to America and with which ocean?
Once the immigrants got to America, what was one job that they could of been?
Chinese exclusion act -1882
The page act -1875
The Geary act -1892
The chinese exclusion act
The page act
The Geary act
Most americans looked down on all immigrants
The Chinese were considered as racially as well as culturally inferior
Americans believed that the Chinese were to different to successfully absorb american culture
Chinese were criticized for...
One Example is...
There voyage was long and crowded but as laws were passed over the years the amount of chinese entering America rapidly decreased
New York
San Francisco
The Chinese Immigrants entered from Angle island known as "Ellis island of the West"
Most people that Entered from here were from Asian Countries
There they got an inspection and if falid went through a harsh interview more intense then the one in ellis island
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