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what is a noun

chance pasichnuk

on 5 June 2018

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Transcript of Noun

Nouns Noun Gender A noun gender refers to a male or female A noun gender refers to a male or female , depending on the gender a man was called an author while a women is called an authoress. It is very rare to use noun gender today. Possessive noun A possessive noun changes its form to show that it is owned or closely related to something else. When you are using a possessive noun you usually add an apostrophe "s." Example , the chair is Kent's. Proper noun A proper noun is used when you name a specific name , place , or thing. A proper noun must be capitalized. Examples , I live in Canada , Today is Monday. But there are different Types of nouns Common nouns A common noun is technically a normal noun. A common noun refers to a person , place or a thing. Concrete noun A concrete noun is a noun that you can describe through a physical sense: touch , sight , taste , hearing , or smell. Abstract Noun An abstract noun is a noun that you can't describe with your five physical senses , is the opposite of a concrete noun. Countable nouns a Countable noun is a noun with both a singular plural form. Non-countable noun A non-countable noun doesn't have a plural. It refers to something that is not countable Collective nouns A collective noun is a noun grouping things , animals or people. THE END By: Kent and Chance Nouns can be a person , place or a thing.
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