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How to SEO

Capturing "free" Traffic

mike nelson

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of How to SEO

capturing "free" traffic organically
How to SEO
On & Off Site Building
Optimization Tactics
Quick Overview
Measuring Results
SkinCareRx Timeline
1997: Chris Taylor (founder) worked on coding and helping his dad's dermatology clinic
1999: Created SkinCareRx.com to house information about skincare products for his dad's patients
2000: Founded MCK Labs - manufactured own label of skincare products
2001: Focused on selling MCK to other dermatologists. Built own websites to get the word out there.
2002: Saw SkinCareRx's potential. Started selling all of dad's skincare products from a back office.
2003: Outgrew office space - hired more employees, reached first $1 million
2005: Needed more informative staff - started the SkinScience Institute (Esthetician School)
2006: Reached $10 million
2007: Subdivided company into SkinCareRx, Apothica, & SkinBotanica
2008: Reached $20 million. Opened up Apothica Store at the Gateway Mall
2009: Bought out competitive websites & bought a few patents
2010: Launched the PMD Personal Microderm Device.
On Site Optimization
Title Tags
Alt Text
Meta Tags
Above the Fold
Bounce Rate
Conversion Rate
Activity Rate
Social Signals
Rich Snippets
Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Exact vs Broad vs Phrase
Global vs Local
Title Tags
Different Titles for Different Pages
Home vs Category vs Product
Character Length
Stuffing vs Conversational
Alt Text & Meta Tags
Telling searches what to see
Which Rates to Look at
Bounce Rate (time on site)
Conversion Rate (# of purchases)
Activity Rate (# of pages viewed)
Social Rate (likes, pins, tweets)
Submitting Ratings to Google
Rich Snippets = 5 stars, reviews, etc
Off Site Optimization
Unique Content Dispatch
Link Bait
Link Building
Social Sharing
Unique Content Dispatch
Link Building = $$$
Measuring the Landscape
Above the Fold
Most Important Up Top
625 pixels
Content found within 625 pixels of the top of the page is given the most weight.

Utilize keywords, images, and videos in this space.
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