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Senior Exit

No description

Tyler De Long

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of Senior Exit

Step 1: Who am I? Step 2 Step 3 The Road Ahead Numerous visits to both universities
Constant comparison of options
Weighing the opportunities
Consulting with many counselors among other personal advisers
Staying committed to both Colleges Task: Making the Decision Built and Traveled By: Tyler DeLong Thrill Seeker
High Pressure Situations
Driven Individual
Varsity Hockey Captain
"Engineering Genes"
Industrial Standpoint Who I am Lead Me To
A Choice Kettering
Strictly Engineering
Michigan State
Dreams have been realized Which Lead Me To: Step 2 Where am I Going? Ultimate Goal: Medical Surgeon Why not Kettering?
Why Michigan State?

After Undergraduate School How to Get There: Med School: What it Takes
Hard Work
Med School (4) Surgical Residency (5) Volunteering
Dr. Andrew Cannestra Salary
Entry Level: $80.00+ per hour/ $166,400 per year
Experienced Level: Proportional to the amount of surgeries
Job Outlook
Since 2008 the job outlook for surgeons has gone up 18.1% with an average of 43 openings per year in Michigan alone Medical Surgeon 2025 Who am I?
Where am I Going?
How am I Getting There? Recap Any Questions? Who am I?
Where am I Going?
How am I Getting There? "You only live once, so make it count" Michigan State University Tuition: $11,153
Books: $980
Room: $7,770
Total:$19,903 On campus employment
Student loans
Financial aid "Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." Brian Litrell Julie DeLong https://www.careercruising.com/USSchool/UGSchoolProfile.aspx?LoginID=5c18398f-cdcf-4470-bad1-0b89d04e920d-&INUN_ID=7450&step=step4 https://www.careercruising.com/Careers/JobDetails.aspx?LoginID=5c18398f-cdcf-4470-bad1-0b89d04e920d-&OccNumber=410&field=Salary
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